Food tracking software launches |

Food tracking software launches

Gina Barker, The Park Record

After months of organizing and fine tuning the program, the Park City Group Inc. officially launched ReposiTrak, a first-of-its-kind software system that tracks food and drug shipments across the country. Under Global Supply Chain Systems, Inc., the food and drug safety track and trace business formed with the help of the Leavitt Partners and powered by Park City Group Inc., the software system incorporated its first two clients, one global grocery retailer and one major grocery wholesaler.

"As we spread this system, we’re starting with one or two retailers and wholesalers and building from there," said Park City Group Chairman and CEO Randall Fields. "As we continue adding to the system, we’ll begin to build up a network and then this can become a valuable tool to the industry."

"This will grow with a viral networking effect," he added. "We’re only starting with two because that is what makes most sense for now. As those companies move along, we’ll launch another two and so on and so forth."

The system was created in conjunction with the Leavitt Partners, an internationally-known health care and food safety consulting firm, and would help companies in the food industry create a faster method of tracking orders and products for more convenient documentation or during potential outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.

"In the unfortunate, but highly likely, event of a product recall, the solution quickly identifies the supply chain path taken by the recalled product or product component," a press release from Park City Group read. "ReposiTrak reduces risk in the supply chain by identifying backward chaining sources and forward chaining recipients of products in near real time."

Global Supply Chain Systems started development on ReposiTrak months ago, but developing the software system to be effective may take as long as another 12 months, Fields said. ReposiTrak must have enough of the supply chain incorporated into the software system so that the paperless tracking system could work effectively.

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"Right now, we’re making sure we execute this system brilliantly for our customer," Fields said. "Our approach will be to crawl, walk and run. We’re crawling right now, and in few months we’ll start to walk. next year, I expect we’ll be running."

Though the full impact is at least a year away, Fields said the reception for the program has been exceptional.

"The market reception is far better than we expected," he said, "and I think that has to do with the change in the regulatory environment. Consumers are clearly concerned with the food they eat, that it may not be as safe as they would like it. That consumer pressure has caught the attention of people in the food supply chain, and to remain competitive they are focusing on how make sure food is safer."

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