Infrared counting device ripped off at PC Hill trailhead |

Infrared counting device ripped off at PC Hill trailhead

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Someone stole a City Hall-owned device that counts the number of people using a trail, taking it from a trailhead just off S.R. 248, officials said.

The Park City Police Department received the report at 5:32 p.m. on Tuesday. Heinrich Deters, who is the trails and open space manager for the municipal government, said the device was affixed to a wooden post at the PC Hill trailhead just east of the Park City School District offices.

The device was taken on or around April 20, Deters said. He said someone needed to unscrew the device from the wooden post to remove it from the site. The device measures approximately four inches by two inches and weighs less than a pound, Deters said. He said it is valued at $2,500. It was one of four such devices City Hall owned.

Deters said the device counts people and logs the time of day they are there. It uses an infrared beam to conduct the count. Deters said officials put the devices out for two weeks at a time.

The numbers assist City Hall as it crafts plans for trails maintenance. They are also used when the municipal government writes grant requests. The numbers are compiled on the device itself, meaning that City Hall lost the data from the one that was stolen.

Deters said he is unsure why someone would take the device.

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People with information about the missing device may contact the Police Department at 615-5500 or the department’s anonymous-tip line, 615-5847. The department also offers an online tip form,

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