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PCMR wants bond set at between $1 million and $6.6 million

by Jay Hamburger, THE PARK RECORD

Park City Mountain Resort attorneys Friday afternoon argued in a court filing that a district court judge should set a bond at between $1,021,308 and $6,559,616 — essentially the amount that the resort would need to post to remain on the acreage underlying most of the PCMR terrain.

The lower number includes $471,308 in rent between May 1, 2011 and May 28, 2013, $500,000 in attorney fees and $50,000 in unspecified costs. The upper one prices the rent at $6,009,616 while the other two categories are the same in both columns.

Talisker Land Holdings, LLC, which owns the disputed acreage, redacted the dollar figure in the public copy of its Friday filing outlining its recommendation for the bond amount.

The numbers were expected to vary significantly between the two sides, with the Talisker Land Holdings, LLC figures almost certainly being higher than the ones the PCMR side included in its filing.

Ryan Harris, the 3rd District Court judge presiding over the case, will set a bond amount later. The PCMR side would need to post a bond to remain on the land through an appeal of the case,

The dollar figure the judge will attach to a bond remains one of the critical upcoming decisions. The number is expected to be addressed during an important Aug. 27 hearing.

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