Recycle Utah Tip for Saturday, July 14 |

Recycle Utah Tip for Saturday, July 14

Reusable shopping bags

BYOB no longer means Bring Your Own Beverage. Across the nation BYOB now means Bring Your Own Bag. Reusable shopping bags are a partial answer to scarce oil resources.

Plastic bags are a huge problem at the Summit County landfill, according to Mark Offret, Public Works Superintendent. "They blow around – thousands of them," he said. With an estimated 262 billion plastic bags consumed worldwide this year, plastic bags are a huge problem everywhere.

Recycle Utah offers reusable shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles in two sizes. Two of the medium $7.50 bags will hold the biweekly groceries for a family of two. Two of the larger $10.00 bags will hold the biweekly groceries for a family of four. With only one trip from the car to the kitchen, they are also a convenience and a time saver.

Checkers at local supermarkets are becoming more familiar with patrons who bring their own bags. "We love the idea," said Mike Holm, manager of Park City Market.

He pointed out that during busy times, it may take longer to bag groceries in a reusable bag. Being more patient or bagging your own groceries for the checker is always appreciated by checkout staff.

If you forget your own bag, choosing paper bags over plastic bags is more environmentally responsible because paper is a renewable resource.

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For more information, or to buy a reusable shopping bag, stop by Recycle Utah at 1951 Woodbine Way.

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