Code change could allow non-conforming uses |

Code change could allow non-conforming uses

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

Potential amendments to the Snyderville Basin Development Code could allow for certain residents to continue having homes and structures that do not conform to code. A planning commission hearing on Tuesday could lead to language on non-conforming uses being changed in the code.

According to Summit County planner Tiffanie Northrup-Robinson, one aspect of the amendments would permit those residents whose structures were legally built before zoning changes to maintain their non-conformity to the code. They would not be permitted to increase non-conformity, however.

For instance, if a zone-required setback for a building from a road or right-of-way is 12 feet and the resident’s home has an eight-foot setback, that resident would be able to maintain that distance. If a person’s deck has a similar setback and they wanted to replace it, they would be able to do so, as long as 50 percent of the required setback is met.

Northrup-Robinson said these changes to the code were prompted by a recent large increase in the number of applications sent to the Board of Adjustment for older subdivisions, such as those in Silver Springs, which were in place prior to a 100-foot stream setback requirement.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to discuss and potentially recommend proposed amendments to the Snyderville Basin Development Code regarding expansions of residential non-conforming uses on Tuesday, April 8, at 6 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building, 1885 W. Ute Boulevard.

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