Democrats elect County Recorder |

Democrats elect County Recorder

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Mary Ann Trussell was chosen Thursday by the Summit County Democratic Party to be the new county recorder.

"I’ve met with her a few times and she’s very qualified to win this job," Summit County Democratic Party Chair Glenn Wright said. "She’s been the number one assistant there for many years. She’ll be able to move right into the job without skipping a beat."

Trussell, a Henefer resident, has worked in the Recorder’s Office for 22 years, including 16 years as the chief deputy recorder.

"I oversee the day-to-day duties of the Recorder’s Office," she explained. "We track ownership for taxation purposes and send our information to the Assessor’s Office so they can go out and do assessments on the properties."

When Alan Spriggs, Summit County Recorder for the last 26 years, announced he was retiring, Trussell said she wanted to continue serving Summit County residents and knew she was qualified for the position.

"I wanted to give it a shot and I prevailed," she said. "I’m honored that I can continue to serve the county residents. I’m very pleased with the outcome."

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Trussell added that she has a good working relationship with county staff and elected officials.

"It’s been great working with the county," she said. "We have some good elected officials and the staff is great. And Alan has been an exceptional boss. He’s a great person."

Forty-seven out of 108 Summit County Democratic delegates voted for the position.

"For an off-year mud season election, and for a position that a lot of people had to get an explanation as to what it was all about, I think that was a pretty good turnout," Wright said.

The other candidate was former Summit County Commissioner Patrick Cone, from Oakley.

Today (Friday, May 10) is Spriggs’ last day. Following his departure, the Summit County Council will officially notify Wright that there is a vacancy in the recorder position.

Wright will then submit Trussell’s name to the County Council for ratification.

"The council has to vote to officially accept it," Wright said, adding that Trussell will already essentially be doing the job by then.

"Alan won’t be on the job Monday, so she will be doing the job," Wright said. "It’s just a matter of when she gets paid for the job. When the council ratifies her position as the new Recorder, she’ll start getting paid at that level. So it’s really a compensation issue at this point. There won’t be any changes in operation over there."

If approved and appointed by the County Council, Trussell will serve the rest of Spriggs’ term, through January 2015.

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