Private fireworks show at Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort surprises neighbors |

Private fireworks show at Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort surprises neighbors

A firework display for a private event at Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort on Tuesday night spurred inquiries from nearby residents about whether the show was legal, according to Casey Vorwaller, a public information officer with the Park City Fire District.

At about 9:48 p.m., a 13-minute firework display accompanied by music commenced near the Grand Summit Hotel, where Park City Mountain Resort was hosting a private conference for a group with

Vorwaller said the organizers of the event had obtained the necessary permits from the fire district prior to the show. He said private fireworks displays are held to the same standards and scrutiny as professional shows.

"We need to know what kind of shells they are shooting, the duration of the show and what the fall-out zone looks like. We even conduct a site inspection ahead of the event and I was on site the night of," Vorwaller said. "They have to go through all of that before we issue a permit."

Vorwaller admitted the show was loud, adding that "the weather was just right so that it seemed like it really echoed in that little canyon." He said he received a call from the Park City Police Department and an email from the Sheriff’s Office after their dispatch center had fielded calls from concerned citizens.

"We received some calls about it, but what went on is permitted and they had gone through all the necessary channels," he said. "Private fireworks shows are held quite often, like up at the Utah Olympic Parkway, but they had bigger shells here and so the noise was more."

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Vorwaller said in the future he plans to coordinate more closely with the police department and Sheriff’s Office to inform them when similar events are going to take place to, hopefully, prevent a barrage of inquiries.

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