Tree house dispute extended |

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Tree house dispute extended

A City Hall panel has delayed its discussions about whether a tree house outside a house in Park Meadows can remain standing, extending the dispute until at least the middle of the fall.

The city’s Board of Adjustment recently indicated it would revisit the tree house at an Oct. 20 meeting. The talks about the tree house have been delayed repeatedly since an uproar in the neighborhood late in 2008.

Only three members of the five-person Board of Adjustment were in attendance at the recent meeting, prompting the tree house’s owner, Kevin Damon, to ask for a delay. He wanted more panel members at the meeting when the tree house is discussed.

Damon spoke to the Board of Adjustment about the scheduling, but the sides did not talk about the tree house itself. Damon supported the Oct. 20 timeframe. There was not additional input.

Meanwhile, in an e-mail to City Hall, Damon indicated he could schedule a meeting of neighbors he hopes will prove a theory of his that some opponents have been representing a homeowners association without the approval of the association’s leadership.

The Damon house is at 3028 Oak Rim Lane. The Park City Planning Commission in November determined that the tree house is too close to the property line. City Hall zoning rules do not allow most structures in a front yard within 20 feet of a property line.

Damon then asked the Board of Adjustment to consider allowing the tree house to stay. The Board of Adjustment holds the power to grant an exception.

Some neighbors were displeased after Damon put up the 50-square-foot tree house in mid-2008, saying it is an eyesore in a neighborhood of homes that top $1 million.

Damon, though, says the tree house is a plaything for his kids.