Windstorm wrecks Old Town house |

Windstorm wrecks Old Town house

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

A house on the upper reaches of Woodside Avenue fell into a foundation hole in the early morning hours of Dec. 24, leaving the structure sitting tilted at the site.

Kurt Simister, the deputy fire marshal for the Park City Building Department, says the historic house, 335 Woodside Ave., was under renovation when the accident occurred. It had been lifted onto shoring to be set on a foundation. The foundation was finished and flooring was being installed, Simister says.

A strong windstorm shifted the house, which dates to the late 19th century, and it fell. The house is undergoing a remodel that includes an addition and putting in a foundation.

Simister says the house can be saved. He anticipates a crane will be used to lift the house and set it to the side while work and repairs are undertaken. The house would be put back afterward.

"We’re going to save it," he says.

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