World Cup Dreams Foundation invades Moab |

World Cup Dreams Foundation invades Moab

Christopher Kamrani, The Park Record

There’s a video on YouTube of Scott Macartney crashing at close to 90 miles per hour — a crash that nearly claimed his life. The video of the crash in Austria has nearly two million views worldwide.

A two-time Olympian alpine skier and a member of the United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) for 12 years, Macartney knows the rigors of life as a full-time winter sport athlete.

Macartney is now the CEO of the World Cup Dreams Foundation, created in 2005 to provide USSA national team skiers with the financial resources to help them achieve their ski-racing goals and compete at their highest level. Created by former U.S. Ski Team members Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy, the nonprofit foundation focuses on helping ski-team members who are overcoming serious injury.

"I had a massive concussion, knee surgery, spent four days in a hospital in Innsbruck and another four when I got home stateside," Macartney said. "It took a couple months to recover and obviously that was it for that season. I’ve had another half-dozen surgeries, couple ACL repairs, hip surgeries, knees and back.

"It’s very rare to go through even a short career without a couple visits to our friends that are doctors."

So, for the third consecutive year, the World Cup Dreams Foundation is participating in the 18th annual 24 Hours of Moab mountain-bike race Oct. 6-7 to raise money for financial support as well as disability protection.

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Friedman said his own rash of injuries during his career helped spawn the idea.

"This whole thing morphed into protecting the athletes and making sure they have the funds to return to skiing after they’re injured," Friedman said. "Obviously, the injured can’t really work. You can’t really work to pay your medical bills. I’ve blown my knee out twice, shattered my leg and been through the wringer. I finally realized how much of a void there was. There was a need for it.

"A great example is Steve Nyman, who tore his Achilles last year and he received funding right away. That was before the season even started. If you get hurt, we can help you to ease the pain a little bit."

The foundation will have four different teams competing in the grueling 24-hour race in Moab. They will include, Friedman, Schlopy and Macartney as well as the two-time Olympian Steve Nyman and national champion Dane Spencer.

"There’s always an element of surprise," Friedman said. "I’ve had a broken chain and popped tires and broke my rear shock one year; it’s quite the taxing race on your equipment."

Friedman said each foundation team will be a five-person coed relay squad made up of those associated with the ski team or friends who want to punish themselves for 24 hours.

"Last year, we went from one team to four teams and raised over $20,000 and got even more alumni support," Friedman said. "A lot of people just wanted to be there and be a part of it. It just makes a lot of sense. Fundraising is pretty mundane these days.

"People can donate one dollar, $10 or hundreds of dollars. They should know we’re going to go down to work our asses off."

This year, Friedman and Macartney said the goal is to eclipse the $30,000 mark.

Friedman and Macartney were roommates in college at Dartmouth and actually wrote the nonprofit application for the foundation team one night on the road a few years back when both were still on the ski team.

"This is close to my heart and the things I’ve dealt with in my career," Macartney said.

For more information on World Cup Dreams you can visit: . To donate to the team visit Race Raiser at: .

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