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    Park City School District schooled by social media

    The Park Record editorial, May 4-6, 2016
    05/03/2016 04:54 PM MDT
    Park City School District administrators learned a painful lesson this week, but they are not the first to underestimate the viral power of social 
    Summit County voters must pick a party now to participate in primary
    05/02/2016 02:44 PM MDT - If you have been hitting the mute button on all of the incessant election coverage, thinking your part in the process is still months away, you are Read more...

    Park City: Top shelf in many ways, but mental health services still lacking
    04/26/2016 04:45 PM MDT - Parents of children who are fighting drug addiction in Summit County currently have to look outside the community for residential care facilities. Read more...

    Meehan: Kentucky cologne

    Core Samples
    05/03/2016 04:54 PM MDT
    There's this giant organic craft cocktail being fashioned in the corrals, pens, paddocks, and pastures out back past the woodpile and fire pit. 
    Roberts: The Woman Card
    05/03/2016 04:54 PM MDT - While there is still plenty of time for shenanigans and Hail Mary's, it appears the two nominees for president are all but certain. Read more...

    Clyde: Let's dump political parties
    04/29/2016 04:38 PM MDT - I guess it's all over now except the shouting. The Democrats will nominate Hilary Clinton, which is no surprise, and the Republicans will nominate Read more...

    Orr: The (heart) beat goes on...
    04/29/2016 04:38 PM MDT - I've always had "A Thing" for drummers.I remember the dizzying, falling, falling, falling in love that happened to me, hard. Read more...

    Meehan: Bears Ears and tequila shots
    04/26/2016 04:46 PM MDT - Better bring us another round of 'Merican beer down here, barkeep. Once again my hippie-commie-pinko political mindset has raised some hackles in Read more...

    Roberts: A real Brew-ha-ha
    04/26/2016 05:06 PM MDT - Here's a list of things that are illegal in Utah:Whale hunting.Fishing with explosives.Not drinking milk. Read more...

    Clyde: Traffic studies continue to study
    04/27/2016 09:13 AM MDT - Now that ski season is over, traffic flow is not a problem. Take several hundred resort employees out of the mix, plus all the skiers, and traffic Read more...

    Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin reuniting for 'Live'?

    With Michael Strahan's departure from 'Live' 10 days away, reports are surfacing that Regis Philbin has been approached to return to the show.