• Guest editorial - 05/17/2016
  • Guest editorial - 05/17/2016
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  • Guest editorial - 05/13/2016

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    Daly West head frame could become a new landmark in town

    The Park Record editorial, May 25-27, 2016
    05/24/2016 04:57 PM MDT
    While some in the community were deeply saddened when the Daly West mine's head frame, the stately relic that towered over one of upper Deer Valley's 
    Park City School District must work harder to serve students with special needs
    05/20/2016 04:55 PM MDT - Public schools are entrusted with carrying out a daunting mandate: to educate our children -- all of our children. Read more...

    In gender-neutral restroom debate, PCHS students were ahead of their time
    05/17/2016 04:49 PM MDT - When it comes to gender issues, it seems that Utah is still going through puberty. The state's public institutions, in particular, are finding it Read more...

    Meehan: Seeking the shimmer

    Core Samples
    05/24/2016 04:43 PM MDT
    We mostly idled away the days back then, my trusty shipmate standing watch over our sturdy craft with a book and a cocktail while I banged ankles and 
    Roberts: Asian eyes are on us
    05/24/2016 04:43 PM MDT - That whole thing about needing a vacation from your vacation? It's true. I've been back about a week and I still feel like I need at least five more Read more...

    Orr: Stealing -- it's not just for baseball
    05/20/2016 04:55 PM MDT - Most of my life I have been guilty of this. A theft of sorts, but innocent enough. Think pack rat. Just taking things folks leave about and won't Read more...

    Roberts: The elephant in the room
    05/17/2016 04:49 PM MDT - I've spent the last 17 days wandering around Asia. The majority of my trip was spent volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP), a sanctuary for Read more...

    Clyde: Another transit center
    05/13/2016 05:03 PM MDT - The County is set to break ground on the new Kimball Junction Transit Center. It is next to the Sheldon Richins building. Read more...

    Meehan: Sightlines and ridgelines
    05/10/2016 04:13 PM MDT - Resolving the dichotomy between how I felt about "Wino" and "Gazoont" (phonetic spelling) blasting their tricked-out Power Wagons through the Aspen Read more...

    Clyde: So it's Trump
    05/06/2016 04:01 PM MDT - So there it is. Donald Trump is the likely Republican nominee for president. It's not a sealed deal, and there could be heart attacks or other events Read more...