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    Celebrate America responsibly in the great outdoors

    The Park Record editorial, July 2-5, 2016
    07/01/2016 03:49 PM MDT
    The Fourth of July celebrates America's past, present and future in a variety of ways -- namely, parades, cookouts and fireworks. 
    Utah primary election results may serve as bellwether for November
    06/28/2016 04:32 PM MDT - As of Monday, 3,580 Summit County residents had either mailed in their primary election ballots or taken them to one of the official ballot drop Read more...

    Mail in ballots due Tuesday could decide important races
    06/24/2016 04:28 PM MDT - Summit County's voter turnout for Tuesday's primary election will not come anywhere near Great Britain's 72 percent participation in its dramatic Read more...

    Clyde: Howard Beale's Fourth of July

    More Dogs on Main
    07/01/2016 03:49 PM MDT
    While we all chill out for the Fourth of July barbecue, world events continue. An airport bombing in Istanbul, at an airport busier than Brussels, 
    Orr: The global campfire
    07/01/2016 03:49 PM MDT - I never attended a summer camp as a child. My single mother in California, working various different jobs as a "secretary," couldn't make it happen. Read more...

    Meehan: Tribal differentials
    06/28/2016 04:33 PM MDT - "Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit."~ Edward R. Read more...

    Roberts: Brexit wounds
    06/28/2016 04:32 PM MDT - One of my favorite books of all time is "Animal Farm." I read it over 20 years ago in high school, and I credit that book with my eventual appetite Read more...

    Strawberry alchemy
    06/27/2016 04:35 PM MDT - It was following the same pattern as most evenings lately—dinner, talking about day-camp activities, blow-by-blow account of awesome, recently Read more...

    Clyde: We're not that multimodal
    06/24/2016 04:28 PM MDT - I love the little ironies in life. For example, the plumbing in Home Depot is always messed up. Faucets drip, toilets overflow or won't flush. Read more...

    Meehan: Wyoming weekend
    06/21/2016 04:25 PM MDT - There are many leisure activities I enjoy much less than hanging out with horse-folk. They're a friendly and quite interesting bunch -- especially if Read more...