We as Parkites have preserved Open Land with hiking and biking trails. We can now help Mother Nature speed up her restoration process with each volunteer adopting a seedling, planting it along their favorite trail and making sure it has enough water until it can establish itself enough to survive on its own.

We know that many wild animals, deer, rabbits, etc. will eat what we plant so we would have to protect them until they get a start. I would think chicken wire staked to the ground would do the trick. We would also want to make a ring mound a round the seedling to hold the water so it would soak down to the roots and provide mulch to help keep it from drying out between watering.

Not only will you get the pure joy of planting, nurturing and watching a tree grow, but for generations to come you will be noted for taking a positive step forward combating this inconvenient truth that we are poisoning our planet! Every tree we plant will change carbon dioxide into oxygen. If you take a few minutes of your recreational time to help restore our Mother Planet it is only right that you get credit for it from a tag on the baby tree to a plaque on the mature tree generations from now. It may inspire others.

If you don't have enough money to buy a seedling but want to participate you might find a sponsor. Or Ira Sachs will provide the first ten, one per person.

I do feel that it is important to restore our area with what was originally here.