Shhh... don't spoil the surprise


Today is Tom Clyde's birthday. It's a significant one and deserves a celebration. If you read Tom's Park Record articles, you know he's witty, intelligent and a keen study of everyday life. Consider yourself fortunate to share in his observational humor.

If you ski with Tom, you know he's great fun to talk to on the chairlift and never one to turn down a challenging trail on telemark skis. Consider yourself lucky to spend a day skiing with such a exceptional guy.

If you bike with Tom, you know how much fun it is to have interesting conversations with him as the miles roll by. Consider yourself privileged to have someone so nice to draft, follow or cycle with side by side.

If you've been to any of the past 14 Park City Follies performances, you've experienced Tom's sense of humor and depth of knowledge firsthand. His humor is spot on and never mean-spirited. He's been involved with the Park City area his entire life and we all benefit when he shares his views.

If you're in Rotary, work for the City, work at Home Depot or you sell tractor parts, you know what a hard-working and decent person he is. Consider yourself lucky to cross paths with him.

Since Tom always gets his Park Record late out at the ranch, I feel safe letting everyone know that tonight we are having a surprise birthday celebration for him at High West Distillery. Everyone is invited at 5:30, Tom is arriving at 6 for what he thinks is a simple birthday toast with a few friends.


You're invited to stop in, wish him well and share a story.

Happy Birthday Tom! This town is lucky to have you.

Terry Moffitt

Park City

* * *

Students take the lead in nutrition challenge


The Leadership class at Treasure Mountain Junior High School created a 10-day challenge in conjunction with the People's Health Clinic and the Christian Center to cut out sugar and eat natural foods. Whole Foods generously donated bananas and tangerines to ensure that hungry kids ate well. We are truly grateful to Whole Foods. Between Leadership students and family members, over sixty people are participating.

Molly Hanrahan

Park City