PCCAPS program offers students an extraordinary advantage


I am the manager of Educational Advantage, a tutoring center here in Park City. I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation for the PCCAPS program and the unique opportunity it provides students.

I realize that supporting new programs, especially one like CAPS, are always a bit daunting in the first year. I can only imagine, however, how impressed our school board must be with student performance and employer feedback. I hear my fair share of comments from mutual students--ones who share very freely!--and to say that these kids are getting a dose of the real world and workplace ethics and expectations is an understatement.

For instance, I had one student who was involved with a recycling project with RAMP Sports. While at EA, she took a phone call from one of her advisors. As soon as she got off the phone she threw her hands in the air and said, 'why would anyone get a real job?!' I just laughed. From her tone and responses while on the phone I couldn't tell that she was frustrated; rather, she was articulate and professional. It was nice to see her maintain control in the midst of a project crisis, and also to see her realize what it means to have a 'real job.'

All in all, I have found immense value in the CAPS program and hope everyone gets enough accurate feedback to see its success, too.


Jessi Dahl Olsen

Park City

* * *

PCCAPS needs a permanent home


It is my understanding that the PCCAPS program was approved and launched by the school board in 2012 with the intent of providing a facility for the program. With the undeniable early success of the program, I can't understand why that may be derailed by the school board now.

From a business perspective, we struggle to find great product and development talent here in Park City. Most of our new hires are coming from SLC or being hired in one of our other offices (SF, Austin, Bulgaria). If we want to have a thriving technology cluster here in Park City, we need to inspire and educate our high schoolers and show them the careers they can have if they love technology, work hard and want to live in PC.

We have two PCCAPS students working on a project for us here at Taulia this semester. They came in with no knowledge of Accounts Payable automation and frankly thought is sounded pretty boring. They are now energized and excited about creating innovative software to solve everyday business challenges. Even if they go on to totally different careers (which they probably will) they've had a chance to try-on software development and explore one career possibility. And who knows, one of them may go on to study computer science or marketing and come work for us in another 4-5 years.

I cannot stress enough the incredible impact PCCAPS creates by inspiring student to find their passion while preparing them for professional environments by giving them a chance to work on real-world business projects. This program has immeasurable benefits for the students who are in the class and for the businesses that are trying to make Park City home. Our company is much more inclined to engage with and support the school district and students because of PCCAPS.

Please feel free to respond by email or call me if you'd like to know more about our experience with PCCAPS.

Vincent Beerman

Taulia Inc., Park City

* * *

Student appreciates PCCAPS opportunity


My name is Paige DaBell and I am a senior at Park City High School. Last semester I entered into the PCCAPS program and would like to tell you about my experience in the hope that you will realize it's a wonderful value to students who participate in it.

I joined the PCCAPS Engineering program at the beginning of this school year. It opened up my eyes to the engineering operations in Park City as we visited multiple facilities and companies from all walks of engineering life. It really helped me learn about my community, what my future career could be like as an engineer, and step into the business world.

I have learned so much through PCCAPS! I have been able to delve into the business and Engineering world and it has helped me gain real life experience. It has already affected what amazing college opportunities I can participate in. PCCAPS helped me get into Pre-major status for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. It has given me a significant foot forward because not only do I have an education, but I have seen how it can be implemented and have already put it to use to make our community better.

Also, It has helped me make great lasting connections including ones from Skull Candy where I will be interning next Spring, and Mike, who helped me launch a business and develop a patent for our design. To think, I am only 18 and already have a licensed business, a business network of company heads and influential individuals, and a patent in my name for a design I helped engineer. All of this would not be possible without PCCAPS.

This experience has been one that I hold dear to my heart and I will remember forever, not only because it was fun and exciting, but because of how much I've grown from it. I've learned professionalism, career skills, communication skills, engineering technologies, what it means to be a girl in the world of engineering, and much more. So much that it has affected my college and future career in the upmost positive way.

Paige DaBell

Park City