School administrators say thanks to PTO volunteers


It not only takes a village to raise a child but it takes a village to run a school. The PTO at Ecker Hill Middle School has done an amazing job of helping us run our school. The work they do is very important to the experiences our students have at Ecker Hill. Their contributions provide the "something extra special" for the students and teachers. Thank you EHMS PTO for your efforts. You are unsung heroes. It is a pleasure to work with such an amazing group of volunteers.

Principal Traci Evans and staff

Ecker Hill Middle School

* * *

Honoring Nancy Michalko of PCHS


Park City is losing one of its finest people--Nancy Michalko, Scholarship Advisor, at Park City High School

Most Park City High School students don't meet Nancy until their senior year of high school.From August-January, Nancy works tirelessly day and night helping students choose their colleges, file applications, and meet with local alumni to help the students get accepted. From January-May, Nancy switches to helping these same students negotiate tuition and financial aid.

In her spare time Nancy runs the Park City High School Community Scholarship Program raising more than $200,000 each year from local citizens for PCHS students.

It has been our pleasure for years to get calls and emails at all hours from Nancy asking just "one more thing" regarding another Park City High School student. We have personally watched her help students get their financial aid packages increased by $40,000 or more at top colleges.


Nancy is now leaving Park City High School, leaving our community much better than she found it. She will always be remembered, especially by the more than 1,000 Park City High School students whose lives she has touched. She also leaves big shoes to fill for whoever will be hired to take over the great legacy she has left of helping our students get accepted to and afford college.

Nancy Michalko, we salute you and admire you for what you have accomplished.

Paul Zane Pilzer and Lisa Dang Pilzer

Park City