The main argument, presented by the District Office and some board members, in favor of the building, is that this building has been the top facility need for the last 4 years. However, 4 years ago, the need was to build a school on the Bear Hollow property or lose the property, and it was determined that a CTE building would be the best facility. We didn't need a new elementary or secondary school and a new District Office didn't meet the requirement of a school. We did not NEED a CTE building, we just needed something. I confirmed with a member of the Master Planning Committee at the time that the reason for the CTE building was put at the top of the list was a need for a school not a need specifically for CTE.

After going through the Facility Assessment with the architects from VCBO, the district office realized they only needed a letter of intent to build. The Master Planning Committee was disbanded and the whole subject was dropped.

Four years later this former "needed" CTE building is now a CAPS building. As I spell out in the email below, the two buildings are not the same. Yes, it would be awesome to have a CTE building like Jordan school district's and eventually a PCCAPS building, but is that a need above Treasure Mountain? I think not. Quote from VCBO assessment of Treasure Mountain:

-"Narrow, dark corridors winding throughout the building make observation of the students and security difficult.



-"Interior classrooms without natural lighting are harmful to the student's learning experience and makes the classroom inhospitable."

Given the amount of "dark time" this proposed building would see with limited CAPS and Professional Development use, there is now suggestion that it can be used for other programs as well. I seriously question if the PCCAPS director is going let other programs use the CAPS portion of the building (65 percent of space). There needs to be a better plan for use of this facility. Also, if high school students will use it as suggested, shouldn't it be located closer to the high school. Five minutes wasted walking back and forth adds up to a lot of missed education time.

PCCAPS has great potential as a program. However, it is just one of many great programs in our district. The number of students it currently serves, does not justify a dedicated new structure at this time - at most 70 students per semester will spend 3 hours every other day.

We have other facility needs. Treasure Mountain is at the top of the list, yet I have heard of no recent discussions. We have National Award winning music programs that are rehearsing in old rooms with inadequate recording equipment. We are hosting the State Lacrosse Championships and our visitor bleachers are an embarrassment. We need an indoor field house, so our Spring sports are not fighting for practice locations and times and/or practicing in the snow and freezing temperatures.

As to the Professional Development portion of the building, when asked how many times in the last year did they need a space that large, Dr. Conley's response was 3. So, even if you quadruple that number, we are talking 12 times per year, an average of once per month. While I do believe there are other uses for that space, shouldn't they have a better idea of what and the amount time it will be used?

If the top facility need for the district office and certain board members is a facility for a brand new program that serves a very small percentage of students for a small portion of the day and had not been assessed, then they need to say that and stop the spinning.