Police help season get off to safe start


The Park City Motorcycle Club acknowledges and thanks the Park City Police Department for its ongoing contribution to motorcycle highway safety and this club's activities in and around Park City. We especially appreciate Captain Phil Kirk and his crew who escorted PCMC's season-opening road ride to a safe departure Saturday, May 17.

The Park City Police Department nicely fulfills its public safety role in our town. Park City Motorcycle Club appreciates this police force; those on four wheels and those on two.

Steve Sady, Sr.

President, Park City motorcycle Club

* * *

Cedar Mesa fans lobby for monument status


Located in remote southeastern Utah, the greater Cedar Mesa area is breathtakingly beautiful but heartbreakingly endangered. This is a place of amazing scenery, with remote colorful canyons, immense vistas, and still the potential for silence and solitude all with another rock art panel or ruin around virtually every bend. Some 56,000 archaeological sites cover the greater Cedar Mesa area. These sacred sites are considered "Traditional Cultural Properties" of several Native American tribes.

For many years, archaeologists and locals believed the best way to protect the area was through secrecy. In the digital age, this strategy has not worked, with visitation increasing from around the world. Yet, many Utahns have never heard of Cedar Mesa.

Based in the tiny town of Bluff, Friends of Cedar Mesa is a local non-profit working to preserve the cultural and natural resources of the area.


The group is now launching an effort to gain a federal protective designation for an area of approximately 707,000 acres. This would take the form of a National Monument designated by the President under the Antiquities Act. Or, protection could be accomplished via a congressionally designated National Conservation Area achieved through legislation currently being crafted by Representatives Bishop and Chaffetz.

To educate the public about the need for a designation, Friends of Cedar Mesa has just published a Citizen Proposal for Protection. A PDF of this booklet is available for download at: http://www.friendsofcedarmesa.org/designation-proposal/.

Friends of Cedar Mesa is also hosting a series of public slideshows to engage conservation-minded Americans in protecting the area. The first such event will be held in Salt Lake City on May 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Salt Lake City Public Library auditorium, 210 E. 400 South in Salt Lake City.

Josh Ewing, Executive Director

Friends of Cedar Mesa

* * *

Our rescue needs a rescue


A month ago I rescued a 5-month-old minipoodle from a breeder. I named the little cutie pie Beni. At the time, I thought he had luxating patellas in both hind legs (kinda like torn ACLs), and so did Dr. Isom when he performed the physical exam. Unfortunately when the x-rays were taken, it was discovered he had far more severe congenital problems above and beyond his patellas. His femurs look like wishbones -- that is how badly they are deformed, and his tibias bow in the opposite direction plus he does have luxating patellas to top it all off. Dr. Isom concluded that Beni needed an orthopedic specialist. So we met with Dr. Dale Smith. I was prepared to handle the cost of the surgery with Dr. Isom, but upon talking with Dr. Smith I found that the specialty surgery was way beyond my means. The surgery must be done before he is one year of age, due to the tightening of the musculature. The future looks grim for this little guy. If this surgery is not done within the specified time frame he will be crippled for life and arthritis will set in at an early age and walking will be very painful. I dread the thought of the alternative, he is so sweet natured.

I have started a Go Fund Me campaign to get Beni the help he desperately needs.

I am trying every way I know how to get the word out and I am appealing to your kindness and generosity to help raise the necessary money to get this little fella literally on his feet.

All the details along with the x-rays are at: http://www.gofundme.com/8oab7k where you can also become a benefactor. Even small amounts add up. I also need to get his story out, so if you can spread the word, that would be a great help also, as time is of the essence.

Anne Timpson

Heber City

* * *

It is time for PCMR and Vail to put dispute to rest


The actions of both PCMR and Vail will cause the entire city, county and state to continue to suffer. There will be no winners if the two parties do not put their differences and distrust aside to sit down at the negotiation table as honorable competitors. What Vail and PCMR both need to realize is that they are already losing the faith and trust of a community they both want to support.

Trent Davis

Park City