Kudos to a PSCD board member from P.C. Day School


While listening to Tania Knauer on KPCW report on the district school board meeting on May 20th, I felt compelled to commend Tania for asking the tough questions and keeping an eye on the process of planning future facilities for our school district. Although my children do not attend schools in our district, I have lived here for over 25 years and am extremely proud to be a part of this community and also support the great works of PCEF wholeheartedly. In fact, recently our Head of School Roy Parker, along with several teachers and families that attend Park City Day School, all enthusiastically enjoyed running and walking to support the schools in our community.

Just like the district, we at Park City Day School are also planning for the future growth of our community. We are currently working on our Campus Master Plan and correlating it with our Strategic and Financial Plans. Though on a much smaller scale, it is the process and collaboration amongst stakeholders that is so difficult but important. It is tempting to get diverted by current trends without taking the time to plan for possible outcomes. Is it Immersion, Gifted and Talented funding, or PCCAPS that will define this district? Maybe it is all of the above and if it is I agree with Tania that the discussions should include matching the long-term vision of the district with facilities, funding, and growth for sustainable outcomes for all programs.


Kristi Cumming

Board Chair, Park City Day School

* * *

Education needed for all children


Thank you for the incredible editorial, "What moms want for Mother's Day," May 10-13. As a mother and a volunteer for RESULTS, an organization committed to creating the political will to end poverty, there is nothing I want more than to see the 276 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped returned safely and to see education as a human right.

World-wide, there are still 57 million children out of school, and many more children in such poor quality schools that they are simply not learning. In fact, nearly 40% of all children grade school age, cannot read a simple sentence, count or do basic math. Until this situation improves, none of our futures look bright.

On June 26th, there will be a replenishment conference for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The GPE has helped provide quality education for 22 million of the world's poorest children. In 2011, at the last pledging conference the U.S. gave 20 million to the GPE, yet Denmark and Netherlands (with much smaller economies) gave 10- and 20-fold more. The Utah RESULTS group needs your help to secure a pledge of $250 million over the next two years. Please call your congressman and ask him to support for the Global Partnership for Education.

Debbie Baskin, Group leader, Utah RESULTS group (www.results.org)

Park City

* * *

Thanks for supporting our 'Treasured Teachers'


As the 2013-2014 school year reaches the finish line, I would like to take a moment here in the Park Record to express my profound gratitude to Treasure Mountain Junior High's supporters. Returning as PTSO President at Treasure Mountain for my second time, it has been my pleasure working with such talented, caring and hard-working teachers, students, parents and administrators.

As what has become a small tradition at Treasure, we finish the year with a week of well-deserved Teacher Appreciation. From supplying drawing items for our Treasure Chest, meals prepared, delivered and served, to facilitating special, hand-written cards to teachers from their students, this week is the best way to end the year! I would like to outwardly thank and acknowledge the contributions and donations from the following who made it possible: the Cumming family and PCMR, El Chubasco, The Egyptian Theatre and many other local businesses as well as all of the unsung heroes of the PTSO this year.

It is impossible not to mention how much our beloved Vice-Principal, Kevin McIntosh, will be missed. He has sacrificed much of his life looking after the well-being of our kids. Thank you, Kevin, for your service and for truly caring about the kids you have mentored, instructed and supervised. How we will miss seeing you patrol those halls!

Kara Smith, PTSO President

Treasure Mountain Junior High School 2013-2014

* * *

A round of appreciation for all


Every quarter the Park City High School PTSO provides lunch for the 90 hard-working teachers and staff at Park City High School. I'd like to thank The Market at Park City for helping cater delicious food for the teacher/staff appreciation lunches this year. The Market is always willing to help out for the teachers and we really appreciate them! Also, I'd like to thank Leger's Deli in Kimball Junction for the delicious sandwiches they put together for the first-quarter lunch. And a big thank you to the many parents who helped with set up and clean up and brought in delicious desserts and side dishes for the teachers; the teachers think you are all great! And finally, thank you to all the teachers and staff at Park City High school who work hard every day for our students. We appreciate you!

Kathy Silianoff

PCHS PTSO Teacher Appreciation Chair

* * *

National Ability Center hopes valuable sanctuary program

Editor and Jay Meehan:

I want to compliment the National Ability Center and their staff on an outstanding first experience for Project Sanctuary in the state of Utah. More than 2.5 million brave men and women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and of those deployed, 1 in 5 returns home with invisible injuries of war such as TBI, PTS(D), anxiety, and depression. Additionally, there are 22 veteran suicides each day.

Project Sanctuary is an innovative organization providing outdoor therapeutic and recreational retreats at no cost to military and veteran families. Our 501(c)(3), Colorado-based, and mission-focused team hosts six-day retreats in Colorado and this year began expanding our retreat locations out of state in order to accommodate the over 1,500 military families waiting to attend our retreats. Utah is one of the states we chose to partner with for our retreats.

We invited local businesses, government and military leaders, news organizations and nonprofits to visit us and observe what we do and why we do it. The welcome, accommodation, enthusiasm, and support from everyone was stellar. Local businesses have chosen to volunteer at upcoming retreats and support us financially. We had the pleasure of a visit from the Executive Director, Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs.

The National Ability Center and their staff were tremendous hosts for our seven military families arriving from nearby Ogden to as far away as Georgia.

Project Sanctuary applauds the National Ability Center and the state of Utah for their support. We already have plans to return in August and we're exploring a long-term commitment.

Jason Strickland, Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army, Retired)

Chief Development Officer, Project Sanctuary

* * *

Endorsement for upcoming school board primary


I'm writing to express my support for Julie Eihausen to be elected to the Park City School Board in the upcoming election. I have known Julie for over eight years and believe she is exactly what our school board needs.

Julie has a long history in the Park City school district and is intimately familiar with the issues we are dealing with. She is thorough and does her research, and thus is able to base her opinions on facts. She is willing to listen to others and change her mind when the evidence supports it. She does not rush into decisions, but rather makes sure she thoroughly understands an issue before forming an opinion on it.

You always know where you stand with Julie. She is honest and speaks her mind, and is willing to ask the hard questions. She won't accept a "fluff" answer. She'll follow up with more questions to get to the heart of the matter. As a result she's able to find potential problems before they arise. We need someone like Julie on the school board who can look at the bigger picture, help dissect the issues at hand, and thereby help us make decisions based on sound judgment.

Julie Eihausen is a great asset to our community and we will all benefit if she is elected to the Park City School Board.

Riki Case, Board Member, Ecker Hill PTO

President-Elect, Park City District PTO Council

* * *

Hopefully, this fake accident will prevent real ones


The Park City High School PTSO and Docudrama team would like to thank the members of the Park City Police and Fire Departments as well as Air Med and the University of Utah Trauma Team for their time and participation in this year's Docudrama. Each year the Senior Class watches a simulated drunk driving accident and rescue performed by these amazing community volunteers as well as some of Park City High School's talented drama students at the LDS Church on Monitor Drive.

The Docudrama was well attended by, students, parents and neighbors. This year's Docudrama was a first for Park City School District Superintendant Dr. Ember Conley who said, "It was a touching event. For those of us that have dealt with trauma in any way, it always brings back emotions. I hope it made an impact on students."

Our community and PTSO give our kids such a wonderful gift as they head off to college. It is our hope that this dramatic production will save a life.

Heidi Hewitt, Docudrama Coordinator

Park City

* * *

Olympic Winter sports have become too extreme


Mom usually cringed watching me climb up and jump off anything in my path at age three. My somersaults off the diving board at age six made her clutch her chest; but Dad, the pilot, understood. The lure to tumble through the air is inborn in some people, which is why my wise parents steered me towards safer pursuits. Yet even now, with Medicare card in pocket, I cannot resist skiing through the terrain parks and super-pipe at PCMR; but only my imagination does the tumbling. My inner flying monkey has been grounded by my career as a physician caring for injured athletes.

I watched the Sochi Olympics this February with more sorrow than joy. Yevgeny Plushenko, who has achieved unmatched quad jump combinations, said, upon withdrawal from a skating event due to back pain: "If need be, I'll have another 10 operations." Sports writers report that 31 year-old new father Plushenko has had at least 12 back and knee surgeries. Still, he's better off than deceased freestyle skier Sarah Burke and other would-be champions whose lives have been shattered by the extreme trauma these extreme competitions can cause.

Skating and skiing were once appreciated for their sheer grace as well as inherent risks. Now, a culture that rewards the fearless for performing insanely dangerous stunts has turned these beautiful winter activities into blood sports. How many more revolutions in the air will skaters, skiers, etc. have to execute? How many more talented young people will wind up paralyzed, brain damaged or dead, trying to push the envelope even further? How many more facilities are needed to promote and capitalize on this unfortunate waste of human potential? Will Park City's legacy ultimately be: great ski town or training grounds for misguided young athletes?

Beverly Hurwitz, MD

Park City