A recent article was published giving the opinion of a Jeremy Ranch home owner on the effects of nightly rentals. The article, entitled "Nightly rentals seen as nightly annoyance," explained his frustrations with a home across the street from his home. The resident asserted allegations of "a driveway packed with vehicles," "vehicles lining the street" and "being awakened to noise and constant activity."

Let's take a look at the perspective of the 2nd home owner and the management company in this case.

In general, nightly rentals have an enormous positive effect on our community. Park City is a ski resort and many home owners are 2nd home owners. The real estate market flourishes with sales of this type. Many 2nd home owners would not be allotted the benefits of owning and vacationing in Park City without the offset of costs by nightly rentals.

In our experience, most rental guests are respectful family groups. Nightly rental homes allow these families to stay together and enjoy each other, with the benefits of cooking in a fully equipped kitchen and gathering together in a common area for movies, games or other activities. There are many other benefits that would not be available to these guests when staying in a hotel. These benefits draw vacationing families to our community and the private homes that offer nightly rentals.


There are also county and state benefits with the income that is generated by 2nd home property taxes (approximately 40% higher than primary resident taxes) transient rental taxes, sales and use taxes and licensing fees.

The economic gain, created by nightly rental homes, is enormously beneficial for Park City, Summit and surrounding counties and the state of Utah.

Particularly, our company follows all licensing guidelines and requirements. We are licensed in the different counties where our homes are managed and each individual home is licensed. It is our goal to rent only to respectful guests that will take care of the home and respect the neighboring residents and community.

All of our guests sign a thorough rental contract and are all notified with the following statement:

"IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that many neighboring homes host full time residents. It is important that their peace and privacy be respected at all times "

We are certainly not asserting that all nightly rental guests will treat the home or surrounding neighbors with respect. It is very possible that the resident mentioned in the previous article has been disturbed on occasion due to rental guests. Still, to assert that there has been "18 months of unhappiness" and "constant activity" due to the hosting of nightly rentals is a certain exaggeration. In fact, the home has only been renter occupied 72 nights of 2014, to date.

On another note, a 2nd home owner that offers nightly rentals is incentivized more than most to keep the home in pristine condition, inside and out, to encourage rental guests. A lease tenant may not keep up the home as well and if a lease tenant or a permanent resident causes neighborhood disturbances, those disturbances could continue for 12 months or more, whereas a nightly rental guest that isn't a neighborhood favorite will be checked out in a typical 3 to 7 nights.

We have, and will continue to do whatever is necessary to maintain the home, commotion and noise levels to that of a family neighborhood standard by only allowing respectful guests, notifying the guests of the importance of the peace and privacy of the neighbors and by being available to address any concerns as they arise.

With a properly licensed home and a responsible management company, the disturbances are the exception, not the rule.

Nightly rentals may always be an area of contention with permanent residents and 2nd home owners.

Regardless of the individual argument, there is no question that economically, the business of nightly rentals is a benefit that is not likely to be banished. Therefore, we should all try to work together instead of against each other to find a common ground; a compromise that will result in harmony for each side.