"Bark" City locals are the best


So, the other day I was getting out of my car at the Park City Plaza to go to PC Meat & Provisions, and my new to us, 2 year old English Springer Spaniel, named Jeter (yes, after Derek Jeter) jumped out the car and started running free all over the Prospector area. Being a bird dog he was on a mission and it didn't include me.

Much to my horror, I realized I couldn't chase him as I recently broke my leg and was on crutches, (that's how he got out). I quickly realized this wasn't good and as I gimped thru the parking lot yelling his name, I was amazed by how many locals, especially 2 in particular, looked at me, and without me saying a word, saw I was helpless and jumped in on the hunt for Jeter. Within seconds, he almost got hit by a car and amazingly the lady driving was apologizing to me (why I don't know as it was Jeter's fault) and offered to help catch him.

Meanwhile, those two locals chased him down Prospector Ave. where he ultimately was caught in front of Good Karma (I believe in karma now) by a guy named Austin (who almost lost his car keys in the process) and brought back to my car. It's moments like that you realize how lucky we are to live in a town where our dogs not only mean so much to us, but to all dog lovers and just plain good people. My feeling of helplessness was rewarded by some great locals. Thanks to all who helped or who tried to help out. Jeter is alive and well and watching a Yankee game tonight..


Tom Richardson


* * *

Solar tax is a disappointing deterent


I don't have solar panels on my roof but I'm considering taking the plunge, that is unless the Utah Public Service Commission believes Rocky Mountain Power's specious arguments and adds a solar tax that makes me think twice about it. In the meantime thanks to David Ludema (Rocky Mountain Power's Grid Fee is Deemed Unfair to Solar Users, Park Record, August 6-8, 2014) and the 2,000 plus other solar homes in Utah that are generating clean solar power for me and everyone else.

Hey, Rocky Mountain Power get with the program and change your business model from fossil fuel burning to sun and wind power. Other public utilities throughout the country , and the world, are doing it. Your tunnel vision reminds me of the US auto industry's 70's to 90's head in the sand business model while Japan made better, smaller and cheaper cars that sucked away the US market. The major difference is that you are a monopoly and I don't have another utility choice. "Look at our clean energy programs like Blue Sky and Solar Lottery Rebate", you say. Really! Only one in eight applicants gets a rebate and I'm told most of the wind power goes to Idaho. What else you got?

The handwriting's on the wall Rocky Mountain Power. Coal, like dinosaur juice isn't a long term investment. Don't think like a dinosaur. Help the people who are choosing to make a difference by reducing their carbon footprints and coincidently are making clean energy for you to sell. Don't make it harder for people who are trying to do the right thing.

Doug Vilnius

Park City

* * *

Longtime local plumb says adios


I would like to thank the people of Park City for letting me make a living as a plumber here for the past 14 years. A lot of my customers have become very close to me, and I will miss you all. But due to surgery, I have had to sell my company to Ace Plumbing and Drain cleaning. I checked them out so that I could leave my customers in good hands. Please don't forget to conserve water. It's our only non-renewable natural resource and we can't live without it. Thank you.

Ted Keane, Ted Keane Plumbing

Park City

* * *

Students need more say in making school district policies

As a citizen of the United States and a student of the Park City School System I am fairly well versed in the concept of democracy and I believe that the school system should have more of a democratic structure focused around student involvement. That is, I believe students should have more representation on the Board of Education, which is something that the system is lacking.

I am not saying that we as a student body do not have a student council, but certainly we do not have a student government. This student council, however, is just a cheap administrative parlor trick that carries no real weight in the decisions of how the school is run.

However, there is one position on student council that has a direct connection with the board and this position is called student on the board. Unfortunately this position isn't quite the savior of student representation as it seems to be. An ex-student on the board said to me, "The only thing I did was get urinal dividers in the boy's restroom." Student on the board is honestly one of the most important roles in the student council but it's not taken seriously enough. Another problem with the position of student on the board is that instead of being selected by the student body it is decided by four elected students with an administration member having the final decision.

There are several problems with PCHS's student "government," but there are also several solutions. With the resources of Park City High School we should be able to make an effective student government and a well-informed student body so the question is why not?

Traven Thomas

Park City