Swimmers' accomplishments limited only by the size of their pool


This summer was one of the most successful summers in Park City Swimming history and these kids and their coaches deserve some recognition. The long-course season came to an end a month ago at the Junior Olympics where Park City swimmers not only broke some state records but had personal best times in their races.

The 13-14 yr old girls relay team consisting of Milava Shumilova, Elise Beller, Siena Senn and Katie Hale broke the state record in the 200 free, 400 free and 400 medley. That's 3 new state records! Individual event winners were also incredible. Audrey McDonald won the 200 free, 100 free, 50 free and the 400 free. Milava Shumilova won the 100 free, Cole Peterson won the 100 back and Sasha Shumilov won the 100 back. Over all Sasha Shumilov and Audrey McDonald came in third in their age groups for overall points!

Eight Park City swimmers were named to the 2014 UT Age Group Zones Championship: Elise Beller, Alec Chournos, Helena Djunic, Katie Hale, Lucas Hess, Audrey McDonald, Siena Senn and Milava Shumilova. Let's give a big round of applause for these athletes and their coaches, Mike and Dan, for an exceptional season. Imagine what Park City swimmers could do with a 50-meter pool?? The possibilities are endless.

Jennifer McDonald

Park City

* * *

Admonition to Vail: back off


Enough is enough of this bull from Vail Resorts .


Vail, please stop bullying Park City Mountain Resort into submission. Yes, we know they screwed up. Yes, we know (in my opinion) that lack of competition has allowed the base area, operations, and facilities at Park City to become outdated from years of under-investment from Pwdr Corp & the Cummings family. You can probably do a better job - we get it...

However, it's August. People are, or need to be booking their vacations. They have no idea if there will be a ski season and this won't be resolved until when? Millions of dollars and thousands of jobs may be at stake.

As far as I can tell, Vail Resorts appears to be showing itself for who they appear to be: a soulless corporation that cares only about the bottom line and will defend that aggressively. This signals that they don't [care] about history, tradition, or what appears to be the local community.

Vail, if you take over PCMR, it will take us years or possibly even decades to forget how you acquired PCMR, and how you behaved during this skirmish. The skirmish is now national news. Please, enough is enough.

Andre Shoumatoff

Park City

* * *

Thanks for the kindness of strangers


Keeping Park City Park City is more about people than buildings.

Several weeks ago while on a motorcycle test ride the second worst thing that can happen on a bike occurred at the bottom of Brown's Canyon. The motor stopped running. Great. No cell service. With nothing else to do I began some preliminary diagnostics. Turns over - check. Oil pressure? - check. In my backyard mechanic days I learned to never overlook the obvious. Out of gas? As I sat in what felt like 100 degree sun pondering what to do next 2 Summit County moto cops pulled up, Sgt. Eric Redd and Deputy Andy Crnich. They asked what was up and what could they do to help. When I told them my out of gas theory they quickly offered to go to a friend's house to have him bring some gas. They rode off and a few minutes later one of them came back to inform me "mission accomplished". Gas was on the way. All too often our law enforcement officers are vilified for a variety of things. For me, Sergeant Redd and Deputy Crnich epitomize how our police "Protect and Serve" our community.

Recently, rider (me) poor judgment resulted in a mountain bike endo in Round Valley. I walked to the trail head while a friend went to get his car. Sitting there in shoulder pain a stranger pulled up and asked if and how he could help. He had seen my crash from his deck, saw me sitting there, got in his car and drove down to offer assistance.

THIS is what keeps Park City Park City.

Alex Butwinski

Park City