Billboard on Park Ave. is an atrocity


Walking back down Park Ave on Sunday, staring me in the face is a large billboard sign advertising McDonalds. Needless to say, I was taken aback. Shame on the City Council for allowing this blight to Historic Park City. A city which has infinite ordinances to preserve the historic nature of the town allowed this to happen. Was someone paid off to allow this?

It should be taken down immediately.

George Vaughan

Park City

* * *

Water company needs to rein in spending

As a Park City resident, and a Mountain Regional Water Customer, I am writing this letter in hopes that other Mountain Regional Water Customers will read this and keep an eye on what is happening with Mountain Regional.

As hopefully you know, Mountain Regional is proposing to raise our water rate in the next few weeks and as a concerned customer I sent a letter to the Summit County Council along with the City Manager, Bob Jasper, regarding a concern with a few items, mainly that Mountain Regional's water operators all have Mountain Regional trucks that are taken home every night and returned to work every morning, as I have checked with other water companies both in Summit Count and Utah this is not being done with any of them. Their trucks are at their offices and the employees do not take them home every night, however, the employee that is on call does have that luxury for emergencies but not every other water worker does.


Other cities have stopped this procedure years ago as a cost-saving measure seeing that not every worker needs to have a vehicle at home every night. So my question to the Council is: Why is Mountain Regional not doing this to save the rate-paying citizen money so hopefully we do not have to have raises every year? I understand raises do need to happen but it would sure be nice to see some cost-cutting measures taken by Mountain Regional's Manager to make the customer feel like he has our best interest at heart.

I hope Mountain Regional customers will read this letter and follow up on this concern with our Council as this is one area that I feel as a customer can be cut, if the rest of the water companies in Utah do not need everyone to have a personal truck to take you to and from work, I honestly feel Mountain Regional's operators do not need this either Please contact your Council on this issue.

Judy Strong

Park City

* * *

PCTV's Summer Reading Challenge

With school beginning for most kids and the summer coming to an end, it is time for the Summit County K-12 youth to turn in their reading forms for Park City Television's 16th Annual "Summer Fun Reading Challenge". We challenge young people during the summer to read 10 books or 1000 pages. We have great gift certificates prizes waiting for the kids that read during the summer including free Seven Peaks Water Park passes, gift certificates from Jan's, Crandall Ford, The Paint Mixer, Zaniac, JW Allen & Sons & much more. It's not too late to finish the reading challenge if the summer got away from you. Just get us your filled out form by September 1st and you will receive a certificate of achievement and a valuable packet of prizes.

Park City Television's reading challenge forms are available on our website at or they can be picked up at PCTV's studio, Baby NeeNee or at the front desk of either Silver Mountain Sports Club. You can also simply write your books down on a sheet of paper and mail it to us (P.O. Box 2877, Park City, UT 84060) along with your name, phone number, address, school name and grade. We will deliver your packet of prizes to your schools in the fall.

Park City Television is proud to host this reading program for the terrific young people of Summit County. With the continued support of our sponsors, teachers, schools, library, and parents, we know that this year's challenge will have more readers than ever.

Stanton D. Jones

Park City Television

* * *

PCMR petition is hard to believe


Is there no shame in the management of PCMR ? Apparently not!

Their latest stunt to try and divert attention away from the complete incompetence that caused this whole mess in the first place is beyond belief.

And from the very person one would think had the ultimate responsibility to protect the companies assets. How the person that goes under the title President and General Manager Park City Mountain Resort can bleat such pithy drivel as: "These have been difficult times for all of us who love Park City and are fortunate enough to call it home. There has been a great deal of publicity surrounding Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) and all of us at PCMR want you to know one thing: We are committed to keeping the resort open for the 2014/15 winter season."

It's as if this situation was one forced upon PCMR and outside their control, instead of one that they and they alone created and then allegedly tried to cover up.

PCMR fails to realize that the company known as Vail is a resort operator not landlord so any attempt to have them agree to PCMR's requests to re- lease the land is as ridiculous as the situation itself.

As to PCMR putting up another website asking for a vote of support from the community -- good luck with that one, I remember the last pathetic website they put up in a vain attempt to gather public support for the case they brought against their landlord, one that conveniently left out most of the relevant facts and one they stopped updating when those facts emerged and the case went against them.

PCMR, if you, as you so often say "are Committed to keeping the resort open for the 2014/15 winter season," then do the right thing for the town you claim to love and reach an agreement with Vail to lease or sell the PCMR property and move on.

Andrew Morphett

Park City