Main Street not just for visitors, locals welcome, too


While I agree with Dan Lemaitre's disappointment with the denial of the Kimball Art Center's design, it is his second paragraph that has prompted this letter. If he feels that Main Street is nothing but a tourist attraction I will challenge him to pay us a visit.

I have been involved with an art gallery on Main Street for over 30 years. There is nothing I would enjoy more than to keep my doors open year round. The truth is, the locals simply do not support this. The Main Street business association has tried for years to get the locals to shop our street. There is free parking during the shoulder season and many merchants will have promotions to entice the locals to enjoy what we have to offer.

Perhaps the next time you need a birthday or wedding gift, you will think of Main Street. We have much more to offer then just "memorabilia" as you put it. In my store alone I carry over 300 local and regional artist and crafts people, all based in the United States.

I hope to see more locals visit us. Might I suggest that you put a load of laundry in and have a cup of coffee as you wander and shop our street. After all, there is even a Laundromat on Main Street!

Bruce Larrabee

Park City

* * *

KPCW goes in contention for national honor


For those Parkites who are not aware, KPCW has been nominated for the highest award a radio station can receive; the prestigious Marconi Award.


KPCW is competing in the "Non-commercial Station" category, against stations in Michigan, Nevada, New York and Maryland.

Of the four other nominees, three are licensed to universities and the other to a school district. That means that they are subsidized by those schools whereas KPCW does not have that type of assistance as it holds a community license.

When you consider that there are 4017 noncommercial radio stations in the United States, being in the running for a Marconi Award is something for which Park City, Summit and Wasatch Counties can be proud.

Much of the credit for being in the running for a Marconi belongs to General Manager, Larry Warren. Larry came on board 4 years ago and has revamped the station format to be even more focused on the community. Although there is still an affiliation with National Public Radio, today there is even more local content than in the past.

If you were late to the recent fund drive, it is not too late; go to and make a pledge by clicking on the red Donate now tab to keep the local coverage coming. Or just call and congratulate the staff for the work they do for our community that has put KPCW on the top rung of the recognition ladder for a radio station.

The nominees were announced on July 1st of this year and the winner will be announced on Thursday September 11, 2014.

Bill Mullen

Past member of the Community Wireless Board of Trustees

* * *

Park City needs to get its pooches under control


My husband and I have been coming to Park City for the month of August for the last three years to escape the heat in Phoenix. I read with interest the letter regarding unleashed dogs in Park City in the latest edition of The Park Record. While I have always found Park City to be a very dog friendly city, I have to admit that I too have noticed a much higher number of unleashed dogs which, as a visitor, is somewhat disturbing.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike dogs, quite the contrary, but I do not appreciate dogs bounding up to me all over the place and would hope that the city of Park City will address this problem. Aside from the fact that there is a leash law in Park City, there is also a leash law in effect in the state of Utah. Before we decide where to escape the Arizona heat, my husband and I will be following closely the follow up to this problem in Park City. Hopefully, we will be able to return to enjoy your lovely location next year.

Muriel Valle

Sun City West, Arizona

* * *

Pardon our events, they help trails grow


Every summer Park City is host to a huge number of events and while sometimes inconvenient these events do help to create the wonderful community we all live in. 

Recently Mountain Trails hosted the Park City Full/Half Marathon that ran from Kimball Junction to Snow Park and back. This race like other events can create some inconvenience for which we appreciate our community's patience. Mountain Trails would like to thank the Park City community, all our volunteers, sponsors and supporting local organizations.

Sept. 13, we will be hosting the Mid Mountain Marathon, arguably one of the prettiest marathon courses, showcasing our world renowned trails and once again impacting some of the local trails. Like our other events we appreciate all the local support and hope people will join in the fun whether you race the event or just cheer people on. Mountain Trails couldn't do the trail work we do without these events and the revenues they generate. We are forever grateful for all of your endless support. Thank you

Charlie Sturgis

Executive Director of the Mountain Trails Foundation

* * *

Incumbent Utah senator's railroad plan is off track


Utah Senator Kevin Van Tassell's transportation committee has been working overtime, since about 2008 on, as Washington State Representative R. Carlyle said: ".... a 19th Century idea in a 21st Century world." Van Tassell is dreaming about a railroad from the Price River on the Emma Park Road near U.S. 6 to Vernal. The railroad runs along the Price River at this point, setting the stage for an environmental disaster. The cost: $2 billion. The Senator has not said who is paying for this "Boondoggle Railroad," but I would bet it is you and I. The state has spent millions of tax dollars to "study" this railroad, all taxpayer money.

Van Tassell is hiding behind the "school children" and the State Institutional (School) Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). He says the railroad will be good for school children. He goes on to say that SITLA will give the schools (all schools in 42 school districts) $40 million, which equates to about (the Senator's number) $65 per student. That is one or two textbooks per student. That is not much. SITLA gave the schools $30 million for the 2013-2014 school year. The state school budget for the same year was $9 billion. That works out to be 0.03 percent; less than one tenth of one percent! SITLA, too is a "19th Century idea in a 21st Century world."

The $2 billion that the Senator wants to spend on this railroad project could and would be better spent on infrastructure for alternative energy use and highway and bridge repair. The money could be used statewide to construct pipelines and pumps to filling stations for the transportation of natural gas for use by natural gas vehicles; or "quick charge stations" for electric cars; or "hydrogen stations" for further development of hydrogen vehicles.

Spending the $2 billion for alternative energy vehicles would not only clean our air, but would also make Utah a leader in alternative energy use.

Wayne Stevens

Candidate, Utah Senate District 26

* * *

A standing ovation for Mountain Town Music and Music Garage


I'd like to express my gratitude to Mountain Town Music and for supporting my daughter and her bandmates in SilverVein. They were supported financially by MTM through its education outreach program and received invaluable musical instruction from Both used their connections to book at weekly performances at venues throughout the Park City and Salt Lake area. As a parent, I was so pleased to see the band's musical skill, stage presence and self-confidence grow so much in only three months through a rigorous schedule of rehearsals and live concerts.

Sincere thanks to Brian Richards, Steve Auerbach and Terence Hansen for sharing their professionalism and passion for music with the members of SilverVein.

I would definitely recommend to any Park City/Summit County teens (and their parents) to look into and, if it happens again, audition for MTM's house band next summer.

Steve Spaulding

Park City