The recruiting firm hired by City Hall to assist in hiring the next Park City manager has published a schedule calling for the person to start their duties at the Marsac Building shortly after New Year's.

City Hall has posted the recruitment brochure on its website. Peckham & McKenney, based in Sacramento, Calif., created the brochure. Park City leaders hired the firm over eight others who wanted the contract to assist in the recruiting. The deal is for $17,500 plus expenses of up to $7,500.

The brochure outlines a schedule with the first key date being later in October. Important dates pinpointed in the schedule include:

  • Oct. 22, the deadline for submitting resumes

  • Nov. 1-5, the days when the recruiter, Bobbi Peckham, will conduct a preliminary round of interviews

  • Nov. 6, when Peckham will recommend to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council a pool of finalists

  • Nov. 11-13, when the finalists will be interviewed

  • Jan. 7, 2013, when the person who is selected is anticipated to start

    The brochure indicates the dates have been finalized.

    The timeline, though, does not include an anticipated date for a hiring. The timeline seems to point to a hiring decision perhaps in late November or early December given the starting date.

    Park City leaders have indicated that a start date early in 2013 seemed plausible. A start date on Jan. 7, a Monday, would install the person 10 days prior to the opening of the Sundance Film Festival.


    The festival is typically one of the busiest times of the year for the community and City Hall staffers. The Police Department, the transit system, the Building Department and special events employees are among the staffers who especially busy as Sundance approaches and during the festival itself.

    The brochure features a photograph of the McPolin Farm against a backdrop of fall foliage on the cover. It also includes photos of Old Town, Main Street and people enjoying the outdoors.

    It includes statements about the community, the municipal government and the city manager post. The brochure discusses the makeup of the population, notes the 1990s population boom in Summit County and mentions Park City's role in the 2002 Winter Olympics. It also provides a capsule overview of Park City's history and describes the tourism-heavy economy.

    "Park City is a unique blend of the old and new. While Park City is a modern, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated community, the city is proud of its culture, heritage, and focus on historic preservation," the brochure reads.

    It says there is an "outstanding local school system" and a housing market with prices ranging from $440,000 to more than $20 million.

    There is a section about the mechanics of the municipal government, including the number of employees and the budget. It also outlines City Hall's overarching goals, such as ensuring the city is a "world-class, multi-seasonal resort destination." The economy, cultural opportunities and ensuring the local government is "responsive, cutting-edge & effective" are briefly addressed in the brochure.

    The brochure indicates a bachelor's degree in public administration or business administration, or a field that is related, is required. It says a master's degree is desirable. It also says candidates do not need a background in resort or tourism-heavy communities.

    " . . . However, the ideal candidate will have the ability to quickly understand the unique challenges of a resort town and adapt accordingly," it says.

    The former city manager, Tom Bakaly, departed in late August after nine-plus years in the office. He left to become the city manager in Hermosa Beach, Calif. The brochure says Bakaly left "an outstanding, high performance organization."

    The brochure is available on Peckham & McKenney's website, Select 'Searches' on the front page, scroll to 'City manager, Park City Municipal Corporation, Utah' and then select 'Park City-City Manager-2012.pdf'