Park City officials and the Empire Avenue roadwork team have scheduled an open house next week to discuss the delayed project, something that likely has generated intense interest on the street but has not been closely watched by others.

The open house is scheduled in Room 205 of the Park City Library and Education Center on Tuesday starting at 5:30 p.m. The presenters will discuss what the workers have accomplished and detail what parts of the project will not be completed until 2013.

A question-and-answer session is planned. City Hall officials and consultants working for the municipal government are expected to attend. A notice of the open house indicates a majority of the Park City Council could be present as well. The elected officials will not make decisions at the open house, though.

City Hall staffers in recent weeks acknowledged that the project has fallen well behind schedule and the work will not be completed in 2012. The original deadline for the work to be finished was Nov. 1.

During the middle of the week, crews with heavy machinery continued the work. A fenced staging area with large piles of dirt has been set up in a Park City Mountain Resort parking lot just off Empire Avenue. The dirt piles will be removed by Nov. 1.

Empire Avenue is a densely packed road that extends from the PCMR area into Old Town. It is heavily traveled by people heading to and from the mountain resort, especially in the winter.


City Hall has said the crews redoing the road fell behind and have not been able to make up the time. The general contractor, Condie Construction Company, won a deal worth approximately $2.8 million for the work. It was not clear whether representatives from the firm will attend the open house.

Matt Cassel, the Park City engineer, recently said two of four stretches of Empire Avenue will be completed in 2012.

The Empire Avenue redo involves removing the road surface and putting down a new one. It also includes replacing sewer, gas and water lines, and building new gutters. Storm drains will also be replaced.

Cassel has said a temporary layer of pavement will be put down on Empire Avenue between 9th Street and Manor Way for the winter.

More information about the open house is available online, .