The Park City Police Department acknowledged this week it is investigating a claim that a not-for-profit executive either embezzled or misappropriated approximately $20,000

The police provided limited details, saying the investigation is continuing. Rick Ryan, a police captain, said an attorney for the organization and one of nonprofit's board members contacted the police separately in late November.

They told the police the president of the organization is the person who embezzled or misappropriated the money, Ryan said. They indicated to the police the money was taken over a period of between one and two years. They provided verbal statements to the police but did not file a written report, he said.

The not-for-profit organization is located within the Park City limits. Ryan said it would not be named unless charges are filed against the person under investigation. The captain said the police are awaiting evidence from the organization.

Ryan said he was unsure whether the person remains employed there.

If the investigation progresses, the police would take steps to obtain subpoenas for financial records from the not-for-profit group and the person, Ryan said. The police do not have a timeline, but Ryan said the case is important.

"It's a priority. We'll be working on it -- the dollar amount, the allegations, the nonprofit," Ryan said.

Ryan said the organization has not indicated to the police the case has impacted its day-to-day functions.


It also did not indicate whether the case has affected its financial situation, Ryan said.