Mayor Jack Thomas and the Park City Council on Thursday honored the late basketball star Lou Hudson, acknowledging his sports career and his public service.

Hudson died in April after a stroke. He was 69 years old.

The City Council passed a resolution that included biographic information and noted Hudson's passion for Park City. Hudson served on the City Council in the 1990s. The resolution highlights that he was the first African-American person to serve in elected office in Utah.

"Lou will be remembered in Park City, Utah, for his long time dedication and services to the community and youth sports and recreational activities," the resolution says.

It says Hudson "remained passionate about the sport of basketball long after his professional career and shared that passion with the hundreds of Park City children" through basketball camps and scholarships.

"Lou also played drop-in basketball with 'the guys' at the Park City Racquet Club, which became affectionately known throughout Park City as 'Running with Lou,'" the resolution says.

Hudson and wife Mardi marked Independence Day with events at their home, according to the resolution.

The resolution, meanwhile, offers highlights of his basketball career, starting at the University of Minnesota and then the NBA. He was an All-Star six times in the NBA. He spent most of his career with the Atlanta Hawks.


The University of Minnesota and the Hawks retired his jersey number.

Hudson is a member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

"The Mayor and City Council honor our dear friend and community leader, Lou Hudson, for his dedicated service to the Park City community, unyielding commitment to youth sports and programming, and his generous gifts of his time and passions for the game of basketball and competition," the resolution says.