Two East Side water companies will receive needed funding to repair crucial water infrastructure through the yearly Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awarded by the Mountainland Association of Governments.

The Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company will receive $89,700, while the Peoa Pipeline Water Company will be awarded $161,868. The funds for each company will help to replace outdated water infrastructure.

Hoytsville Pipe and Water will use its grant money to replace all manually-read water meters with Telemetry systems, according to county documents. In total, 177 meters, including setters, rings and valves will be replaced, according to documents.

The company does not read water meters, but rather charges a monthly fee. The new meters will allow them to calculate and charge overage fees, making the process more equitable. Roughly one-third of Hoytsville Pipe and Water's meters were not operating as of early this year.

During a January Summit County Council meeting, representatives of Hoytsville Pipe and Water said the company would cover the cost of labor for the new meters.

Peoa Pipeline Water Company will use its funds to install 1,400 lineal feet of 10-inch PVC water line from a 180,000-gallon water tank to Woodenshoe Lane, which will replace the existing 8-inch water line that was installed in the late 1960s, according to county documents.

Installation of the water line will consist of installing valves, a mainline meter, fire hydrants, asphalt repair and other needed infrastructure, documents say.


It will also include a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, which will monitor the water system, such as its tank level and chlorine usage, and control the pump, the documents say.

Peoa Pipeline said in January that it has had numerous expenses related to blowouts due to new pressure systems being integrated into its old distribution system.

A public hearing regarding the two grants was held last Wednesday at the Sheldon Richins Building with no community response. The next step is for the parties to submit finalized applications, which will be due on May 30.