Not even the 3rd District Court judge presiding over the lawsuit between Park City Mountain Resort and its landlord, Talisker Land Holdings, LLC, has an idea of how mediation between the two sides is progressing.

And Judge Ryan Harris is the person who ordered them into mediation.

Harris inquired about the mediation toward the end of a Wednesday telephone conference that dealt with other matters in the case. The lead attorneys for the two sides answered the question without disclosing details.

Alan Sullivan, who represents PCMR, told Harris the mediation had not concluded by the time of the telephone conference. John Lund, the Talisker Land Holdings, LLC attorney, concurred.

Harris declined to hold a private telephone conversation with the attorneys to receive a briefing about the mediation.

Harris in June ordered the sides into mediation in an effort to resolve the case. The mediation is not binding. Harris set an Aug. 15 deadline -- Friday -- for mediation to be completed.

The two sides have said little publicly about the mediation, indicating state law prohibits them from providing details.