Summit County and Park City released a statement Friday, Aug. 22 that outlined their dual desire to have the ongoing legal battle between Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker Land Holdings, LLC, be resolved as quickly as possible.

This is the first time Summit County officials have vocalized their opinion on the issue,

In the statement, Summit County Council Chair Chris Robinson said, "We feel compelled as County and City officials to urge a quick and mutually amicable solution to a situation that could have potentially disastrous impacts on our resort communities. We don't want our economy held hostage by a dispute that can be pragmatically resolved between two agreeable parties."

Park City Mayor Jack Thomas, who has previously spoken out about the conflict, also added his opinion in the statement. "Park City and Summit County have been intentionally patient throughout this process, but our patience and the community's collective patience is wavering," he said in the joint press release. "Park City and Summit County will not reward bad behavior by investing in businesses who do not view their success inextricably linked to the success and well-being of the broader community."

The statement detailed that "the two government entities have resolved to work closely together to ensure contingency plans be put into place and appropriate reinforcement be given to the parties to resolve the matter for the greater good.



In a phone interview after the statement was issued, Robinson said he didn't want to sound pessimistic but was worried that the long-running dispute would harm the entire community, from the resorts to the numerous small businesses and employees that support a three-resort community. The county had discussed making a statement in past months, but thought mediation, with its deadline this Sunday, would be productive.

"We've tried to be very patient," Robinson said. "They need to get down to business. It's time. We're as concerned as anyone."

Robinson repeated that he didn't want to be seen as pessimistic. "Hope springs eternal," he said.

-- David Burger