The Summit County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in finding a man suspected of kidnapping a boy at his home in Kamas.

Any assistance "would be greatly appreciated," said Sgt. Ron Bridge, public information officer for the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

No arrests have been made. Detectives are going door to door seeking information, Bridge said.

The suspect was identified by the 8-year-old boy as a "small man," approximately 20 years old, wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans, and having blond hair.

The incident happened on Thursday, Aug. 21. It was reported by the father of the victim, according to a sheriff's report. The suspect walked up to his house in Kamas, toward the front door, and then went into the garage where the boy was.

The suspect grabbed the boy from behind and placed his hand over the boy's mouth, the report said. The suspect grabbed the boy's little sister's bicycle and carried the boy over his shoulder as he left the scene on the bike headed north on Lower Loop Road.

The report said the suspect lost control of the bicycle and crashed. The boy recovered the bike and rode it toward home until the chain fell off. He then ran to a friend's house on Leftys Lane, and the suspect fled the scene.

There was approximately a two-hour gap between the time of the incident and when it was actually reported, the report said.

No suspect was located and there are no witnesses, the report said.

People with information about the case should call the Sheriff's Office.