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Milt Neeley's wire sculpture "Leaf Dancer" has been adorned anonymously as a cook, a nun and an Olympic swimmer since it was erected in Coalville in 2011. So the city decided to encourage its residents to continue the tradition with a new program that will run from June 14 through Aug. 16. (Photo courtesy of the Park City Summit County Arts Council)
Two years ago, Milt Neeley's sculpture "Leaf Dancer" won the city of Coalville's People's Choice Award for public art.

The wire and metal sculpture, which represents a dancer growing out of a bush, was erected on Main Street as part of Artscape, the Park City Summit County Arts Council's public art program.

Since then anonymous residents have dressed the dancer in an array of costumes including a cook, an Olympic swimmer and even a nun.

Instead of shaking their heads or getting angry, the Coalville City Council has embraced the tradition and established a program that invites residents to sign up to take turns dressing the "Leaf Dancer" from June 14 through Aug. 16, said Mayor Duane Schmidt.

"The concept of dreassing up the 'Leaf Dancer' statue was first brought up by some local kids who dressed it up," Schmidt told The Park Record. "There have been a lot of people who come into to town to see the leaf dancer, which has become an attraction because they want to see what kind of costume it will be wearing.

"I have always felt it has been done in good-spirited fun and the city council felt we wanted to encourage people to continue doing it," he said. "We felt it was something postitive for the art and for our city. We do know some people thought the city got angry when someone dressed up the statue, but that is not the case."

Residents ages 14 and older can apply for the opportunity by describing their ideas on a simple written application available at City Hall or on the City's website (