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Locally based motivational speaker Susan Morrell has published her first book, "The Pleasure of My Company: Finding the Motivation and Courage to Spend Time Alone." She will be at Atticus Coffee Books and Teahouse on Sunday, Aug. 18, for a book signing. (Christopher Reeves/Park Record)
One of the common misconception about being alone is that people think you're lonely.

That's something that Park City-based motivational speaker Susan Morrell wants to clear up with her new book, "The Pleasure of My Company: Finding the Motivation and Courage to Spend Time Alone."

The book chronicles Morrell's personal experiences and shows people the value of solitude in both the practical and spiritual sides, she said.

"I want to help them not miss something in life because they don't want to do it by themselves," Morrell told The Park Record. "People who read this can take out whatever layer they want."

Morrell will be at Atticus Coffee Books and Teahouse, 738 Main St., on Sunday, Aug. 18, from noon until 2 p.m. to sign her book.

"Atticus owner Ericah Winzeler is a big supporter of local authors," Morrell said. "She suggested that I do a book signing there."

The seed of the book germinated more than 13 years ago when a friend told Morrell to write down her experiences.

"Throughout my life, I've lived like a gypsy, and have traveled around a lot," Morrell said. "I would get an idea to move from one place to another and just act on it."

For example, one day Morrell felt strongly that she should move from Ohio to New York.

"Then later I decided to move from New York to Phoenix and then to Chicago and back to Ohio," she said. "I also moved to Great Britain many years ago and met a guy after a month and got married. We were together four years, but now we're divorced.



After talking with her friend, Morrell realized that these moves, while no big deal to her, were something many people wouldn't do alone.

"So, my friend told me that I should write a book and I started the outline," Morrell said. "In the meanwhile I was making plans to come out west."

"The Pleasure of My Company" starts off with an introduction about solitude and then goes into the chapters.

"I started with little things, such as going to a movie by yourself," Morrell said. "I remember, to this day, a conversation I had with myself when I first thought about going to a movie by myself.

"It was a big deal for me 30 years ago," she said. "I was in Boston and tired of going out to dinner, so I decided to go see a movie."

The conversation inside Morrell's head weighed the enjoyment of the seeing the film against her insecurities.

"I kept telling myself that I couldn't go because it was the '80s and all the discomforts and fears were right there," she said. "But I still went and had a great time."

The book also addresses the topic of going out to dinner alone.

"It's one thing when you're traveling and on business, and even then, people still order room service and don't venture out of the hotel," Morrell said. "But there are ways to go out and not feel uncomfortable. For example, you can take a book or read a newspaper."

The dynamics of dining in public alone changes when people go out in their hometown.

"You start to worry about seeing someone you know," Morrell said.

The chapters move from those simple outings to vacations and other travels.

"I wrote about simple, overnight stays and go into weekend stays," she said.

One of the things Morrell wants to convey is that her book is not written just for people who live alone.

"It tells the value of solitude and how experiencing life alone can bring so much to a relationship," she said. "It's also helpful for those who are married who have different interests or for those people who are uncomfortable about being alone."

When Morrell moved to Park City in 2000, she brought the rough draft with her.

"I was only supposed to be here for two days, but fell in love with the town," she said. "I got a job for the season and decided to stay for the same reasons people stay here.

"The book was pretty much finished at that time and I tried to go the traditional route with publishers," she said. "That was a difficult process and I would, from time to time, let it sit for a while and try again."

Nearly two years ago, Morrell decided to start up a motivational speaking business.

"In doing so, I asked one of my friends, who does this sort of thing, how he got started," she said. "He said he didn't start the speaking business until he wrote his first book."

Those words inspired Morrell to self-publish her book.

"I discovered with all the new technology out there that I could do it," she said. "When I checked about self-publishing 10 years ago, I found it would have cost $10,000 to $12,000, but now, the cost was only $1,200."

Morrell published "The Pleasure of My Company" through, which is affiliated with

"The book is about getting out of your comfort zone," Morrell summarized. "A lot of it is very provocative and at the end of each chapter I encourage people to go do something, and I let them know what has worked for me."

Local motivational speaker Susan Morrell, author of "The Pleasure of My Company: Finding the Motivation and Courage to Spend Time Alone," will be at Atticus Coffee, Books and Teahouse, 738 Main St., on Sunday, Aug. 18, from noon until 2 p.m. to sign her book. The event is free and open to the public. The book can be purchased at Atticus, the Expanding Heart, and