We're only three weeks away from electing a new mayor and two council people. So far, I have seen very little information on where the candidates stand on any issue. It looks more like a high school popularity contest to me.

When are The Park Record and KPCW going to really dig in and ask some tough questions about where these candidates want to take Park City? In order to make an informed decision, voters need more information than an advertisement proclaiming; "he's a nice guy who's lived here a long time". A couple of debates here and there aren't enough, especially for all the people that don't know about them or can't attend. As a result, all the public has to go on are letters to the editor, so I guess I'll take my turn.

I'm supporting Andy Beerman for Mayor because of his proven commitment to protect our environment. Andy has spent 20 years in Park City promoting open space and trail organizations. He and Thea Leonard renovated the only green hotel in town for which they received a Park City Environmental Hero award. Andy is endorsed by the Sierra Club and he is working to plan a more energy efficient, regional transportation plan for our community.

Having served on the Planning Commission for several years, I can tell you that

if developers are supporting Andy it's because they want to work with city officials who communicate clearly and consistently from start to finish. They want to understand the City's vision and receive specific direction. Even if it's not what they want to hear, they want to hear it, and they want to hear it clearly.


This is no job for "the nice guy next door". We need someone who can bring diverse groups together to move us forward, just like Andy did with the Main Street Merchant's Association. Remember, we aren't looking to hire a new planning director; we're hiring a new mayor who can lead us into our next chapter.

Come on Park City; let's start talking about the real issues facing our town.

Alison Child

Park City


More support for Thomas


State Street? The Gateway? Affordable housing? Do these sound familiar?

Jack Thomas and I worked on these projects when he was a volunteer at one of the oldest community design centers in the country. We generated countless schemes to improve urban qualities. I just cannot remember how many presentations he and I made to various boards and authorities resulting in energized participants and successful projects. He generated one of the very first multimedia presentations ever to be produced in the Intermountain West. With great visual impact the presentation resulted in many urban improvements. Many people from all walks of life were impressed and eventually motivated to take action.

It is not until very recently that I became aware of Jack's plans to help lead Park City. Like the projects we were involved many years ago I am sure he will continue to be visionary.

Antonio Serrato-Combe

Professor, University of Utah


Why I am supporting Andy Beerman for mayor



The Mayor of Park City is our town's leader. The mayor leads via the strength of his vision, activism, willingness to listen, understanding of the community's needs as well as on its inter-dependence on the counties that surround it. The mayor must understand that our community's vibrancy rests, in part, on the vibrancy of a sustainable, simpatico business community. The way to really understand that is to be a successful business person yourself while at the same time having a track record of community involvement, leadership, and engagement. Andy's 20 year Park City resume manifests a history of commitment and success in both areas that is unmatched.


As an engaged, PC citizen Andy serves as a City Council member; was awarded Park City's Environmental Hero Award; has been twice awarded as Utah Recycler of the year, sits on the Basin & City Open Space Committees, Mountain Trails, Wasatch (transportation) Summit, and much more. Not only does Andy serve, he is engaged and he makes a difference. As a successful businessman, Andy has been the owner/operator of the Treasure Mountain Inn since 1998 as well as the past president of the Historic Park City Business Alliance. Prior to that Andy successfully managed an array of other Park City and SLC based businesses that included White Pine Touring and Rockreation. Anyone who has worked for, with, or around Andy Beerman speaks highly of his abilities, intelligence, leadership, candor, energy, listening skills, and true collegiality. Andy's success in both the public and business sectors combined with has warmth, engaging demeanor, and huge, disarming smile, make him a truly phenomenal candidate for our Park City's next mayor. This is why, as business person and engaged PC citizen, I am supporting Andy.


Peter Metcalf

Park City



Vote against weakening Historic Code

The Park City Council is considering an amendment that will increase the congestion on Sullivan Road next to the City Park and to allow developers to bypass many parts of the present building code written to preserve the Historic District.

The City Council met Thursday, Oct.17 to consider approving amendments to the Land Management Code (LMC) that would have a negative impact on Park City's Historic District and increases the congestion around the City Park on Sullivan Road.

We are asking Park City residents to join with us in opposing changes to the code that will result in a loss of green space and a weakening of the present Historic Code. These changes favor big developers at the expense of preserving our Historic look and feel of Park City. Developers have followed the present codes for over 10 years. There is no reason to change the rules now.

There appears to be significant political pressure for the City Council to approve these changes. Initially employees of the city planning office and city park departments opposed the changes but the four of the Planning Commission members overruled the objections and voted in favor of weakening the building requirements, lowering the green space requirements, and eliminating parking and driveway requirements on Sullivan Road. This is just wrong.

Please help us share the message that we want the present Historic Code protected.

Clark Baron

Park City