Although a large portion of the library's collection has moved temporarily to Miners Hospital because of a $9.3 million renovation, it doesn't mean the library has stopped functioning.

No, it is maintaining its operations, however, because of the move, the Friends of the Park City Library (FOPCL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supplementing the library with financial help, is working hard to recruit members, said Jean Daly, FOPCL co-president.

The reason, Daly said, was because memberships, along with the Labor Day used book sale, are the main fundraisers for the Park City Library.

"Because of the construction the library will be spread out so much and we're afraid that our book sale may be held in an abbreviated form," Daly told The Park Record. "The sale is usually held in the Education Center's Jim Santy Auditorium, but that will change for this year. We have about 500 boxes that are filled with books for the sale in storage and we're thinking the sale will be held outdoors."

With the uncertainty of how the book sale will fare, Daly said memberships have gained importance.

"Each year we get maybe 150 memberships, and the least expensive membership fees are $15 and $25," she said. "We also have Book Lover and Book Worm categories where people gives more than $100. And that money adds up."

Another way the FOPCL helped raise funds was through a donation area in the library called Friends' Corner.

"We normally raise more than $100 a month that way, but of course, there isn't much room to set up something like that in the Miners Hospital.


So our memberships are more vital to us this year than they have ever been," Daly said.

The money raised by the Friends of the Park City Library goes back into the library in different ways.

"The main role is that it supplements the programs the Park City Library offers," Daly explained. "The money has helped in the past to purchase software for an English-as-a-second-language computer program and helped buy a lot of the software for the library's new computer lab."

The library's budget isn't as robust as it was 10 years ago," Daly said.

"When we hold monthly meetings and our liaison, Jasmina Jusic, who is the adult services librarian, will come in with a list of needs," she said. "They are very good at prioritizing and will come in with four or five things that they would like us to contribute to."

A part of the money goes to rapid reader books, computer hardware and software.

"It also helps pay for the librarians' education when they attend conferences," Daly said. "I also remember one year we helped pay for some electrical work on the building."

In addition to the adult needs, the library has a "robust" children's program, Daly said.

"We help pay for their books and props," she said. "In fact, Tegan Davis, who is the youth services librarian, put in a request for some puppets for story times. I haven't seen them, but people are saying they are absolutely adorable."

Daly said there hasn't been a request that the Friends of the Park City Library has questioned.

"We're just there to support them and we know that if they request materials, they really need them," she said.

Friends of the Park City Library, in turn, receive benefits as well, Daly said.

"They get invited to a pre-public opening to the book sale where they get two hours to have first pick of the books before everyone comes in," she said. "They will also get a newsletter that we send out twice a year and it tells about what is happening with the library and highlights one or two of the librarians."

One of the biggest perks is a discount ticket to the FOPCL annual authors luncheon.

Past authors who have spoken at the luncheon include author filmmaker Jennifer Jordan and author Rick Bragg.

"This year's event will be held Oct. 14 at the Silver Lake Lodge," Daly said. "But we can't announce the author, yet."

The luncheon is a reward to the community for being such loyal Park City Library patrons.

"We don't make any money from it," Daly said. "That's just something we like to do for the community."

The Friends of the Park City Library was established in the late 1980s, and Daly joined as a member five years ago.

She and Marlene Peacock are the current co-presidents of the organization.

"We have so much support from the library director Adriane Juarez," Daly said. "She has really been great to work with."

Friends of the Park City Library membership forms can be filled out by visiting or by visiting the circulation desk at Miners Hospital, 1354 Park Ave. Memberships are valid for one year. For more information, visit