The Park City Film Series will host two screenings of John Dower’s Tour de France documentary "Slaying the Badger." The film follows the
The Park City Film Series will host two screenings of John Dower's Tour de France documentary "Slaying the Badger." The film follows the rivarly of teammates Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond during the 1986 race. (Image courtesy of the Park City Film Series)
With the conclusion of the 2014 Tour de France and the Tour of Utah beginning, cycling is on many minds.

It certainly is on the mind of Katharine Wang, executive director of the Park City Film Series.

So she and the film series decided to do something about it and will offer free screenings of John Dower's documentary "Slaying the Badger" next week.

The first screening will be outdoors at Canyons Resort on Wednesday, Aug. 6. The second will be at the Kamas Theater, 30 N. Main, on Friday, Aug. 8., following the end of the Tour of Utah's stage-five finish in Kamas.

"Slaying the Badger" is a new film that premiered this year at the Tribeca Film Festival, Wang told The Park Record.

"ESPN screened it as part of its 30 for 30 series on TV and it's been on the festival circuit," Wang explained. "Staton Jones of PCTV was at the Tribeca Film Festival and saw it and recommended it to me. "

"Slaying the Badger" is a 76-minute documentary about Greg LeMond, the only American, now, due to Lance Armstrong's disqualifications, to have won the Tour de France.

The film focuses on Greg's rivalry with teammate Bernard Hinault, Wang said.

"What's interesting about the '86 tour was that Hinault had won three or four tours before that and was a fantastic cyclist," she explained. "On the other hand, LeMond was an up-and-coming cyclist from Nevada and riding for the French Team.



LeMond was told that if he helped Hinault win these races prior to 1986, Hinault would retire and LeMond would have the chance to win in 1986.

"But Hinault felt good that year and decided not to just give the race to LeMond," Wang said. "He was like, 'Catch me if you can.'"

The film is titled "Slaying the Badger," because Hinault's nickname was "The Badger."

"The film was based on a book by Richard Moore and is about betrayal, athleticism, strategy and sportsmanship, and how it all went down," Wang said. "The filmmakers do an incredible job at telling the story with interviews with Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault and the use of historic footage of the 1986 Tour de France."

Dower and his crew also talked with journalists who covered the race and other cyclists and their coaches.

""You don't have to know much about cycling to like the film, because audiences will get an insider's view of how to race," Wang said. "The film explains how cycling team members work with one another to help someone win the race. Some riders are hired just because they can climb hills better, and others are hired because of their speeds."

Wang had contacted Dower and told him she was interested in screening the film during the Tour of Utah.

"The first focus was to show it in Kamas, because we have a couple of board members who are working to create the after-events of Tour of Utah race stage that day," Wang said. "We worked with the Kamas Theater, which has always been a great partner for us, to screen the film."

The screening will begin at 5 p.m.

"This also helps the film series with its mission to venture further into Summit County," she said. "We're the Park City Film Series, but we serve all of Summit County through art house films. This is a nice opportunity to do this.

Wang also approached Canyons Resort about an additional screening.

"Canyons feeds the outdoor-adventure enthusiast and has an affinity for cycling," she said. "They said they would love to screen 'Slaying the Badger' on Wednesday, Aug. 6."

This screening will begin at 8:30 p.m.

"This will give people two opportunities to see the film," Wang said. "So if you miss it the first time, you will have another opportunity to see it."

The Park City Film Series will present free screenings of John Dower's documentary "Slaying the Badger," not rated, at Canyons Resort on Wednesday, Aug. 6, at 8:30 p.m. and at the Kamas Theater, 30 N. Main in Kamas, on Friday, Aug. 8, at 5 p.m. to coincide with the Kamas leg of the Tour of Utah. "Slaying the Badger" is about cyclist Greg LeMond, who won the 1986 Tour de France, and his mentor and rival Bernard Hinault. For more information, visit