Leadership Park City Class XX conceived the idea of creating a children’s book about the issues, joys and responsibilities of living in Park City.
Leadership Park City Class XX conceived the idea of creating a children's book about the issues, joys and responsibilities of living in Park City. (Courtesy of Leadership Park City Class XX)
Leadership Park City is a program the city offers that is designed to identify and train individuals for leadership roles for the past 20 years and its goal is to "broaden the pool of community-based leaders," according to its mission.

"Leadership Park City has helped people learn how to be a greater force in the community," said Pamela Longley, who is part of the Leadership Park City Class XX.

One of the ways it does this is through a class project.

"The project is meant to be a way to leave a legacy, but also do something positive for the Park City and Summit County community," Longley said during an interview with The Park Record. "The project we finally decided upon was to make a children's book that acted as a springboard for parents to read with their children and discuss civic responsibility — especially here in Park City."

The book is geared toward elementary school-aged kids, according to Longley.

"There are many important issues that we all must know when we live in any community, but especially in a small ski-town where natural resources are important to us," she said. "It will give parents an opportunity to sit down with their children and talk about why recycling or water conservation are important responsibilities for our community members."

The book runs through different scenarios of how to approach these issues in a kid-friendly and "happy way," Longley said.


"There are also things about our mining past and how that shaped and created Park City and how it will shape the town in the future," she said. "It parallels civic responsibility as well as community pride and is a teaching tool."

The book will be published in hardcover and will be approximately 35 pages long.

"All the content is being done through the Leadership class itself," Longley said. "Everyone has stepped up in the areas they feel they can help the most.

"We are doing all the illustrations and writing ourselves," she said. "So it's truly a Leadership Class XX project that we have crafted 100 percent as a team. We've been able to pull together and generate a project that will speak to the mission of Leadership Park City. We're excited to be Class XX. It's been an honor."

The main focus now is to raise funds to publish it.

"Publishing a hardcover book is not an inexpensive undertaking," Longley said. "So we're relying on local businesses, community members and individuals to step forward to pledge and donate money."

The goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of September and any proceeds earned beyond the original goal will be used to produce and distribute more books, Longley said.

"We have two [main] levels of giving — the Double High Five and the Single High Five — because there is a High-Five theme to the book," she said.

The Double High Five is at $2,000 donation and the Single High Five level is $1,000.

"We will have sponsor pages in the book and other things that will give notice to those who have donated at those levels," Longley explained. "If there are donors who want to remain anonymous, we will honor that as well, but we would love to give credit where credit is due and give a 'high five' to our donors.

"That being said, we will gratefully appreciate any amount of donations," she said. "We're just trying to reach our goal as quickly as possible and get the book out."

The class wants to distribute the book to local libraries and schools.

"We would like to get everything tied up by the beginning of October so we can go to print with it," Longley said. "Hopefully, this book will help kids in years to come answer the questions like 'how can I make a difference?'"

Leadership Park City Class XX is seeking donations for its class project book. Donations can be made and pledged by emailing Pamela Longley at pwglongley@gmail.com . For more information, call 435-645-9696.