If you're a recent convert to standup paddleboarding and want to see how you stand up against your contemporaries, here's your chance.

On Aug. 2-3, Park City Standup Paddleboarding (PC SUP) is hosting a two-day paddle festival (the PCSUP Cup) at Jordanelle State Park at Hailstone.

"There's going to be music. There's going to be food. Fun in the sun," said PC SUP owner Trent Hickman. "It's a community event. The proceeds from the event go to benefit the Ed(ucation) Fountain, the recycle center and the Park City Community Foundation."

Hickman said the races will be divided into a number of different categories according to the age and experience of the contestants and the type of paddleboards they own.

"I'd like to emphasize that, even if you've never done a paddleboard race before, don't be afraid, don't be intimidated. The races are fun. It's the same idea as running a 5K. You don't run a 5K only because you're the fastest person in the world. You go out and participate and be a part of the event."

And if you're worried about taking a spill, the state park's website reports that the water temperature has now reached 75 degrees.

Among the unique events at the PCSUP Cup are a coed tandem race and a surf contest. "As far as I know it's the world's first SUP wake surf contest," he said. "That's happening on Aug. 3."

"We will also be having a doggie paddle parade, which will be a strut your mutt event," says the event's website,