Joe Lauer wins award |

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Joe Lauer wins award

Joe Lauer, left, accepts the Bjorn Thorsen Memorial Scholarship Award from head coach Chris Hatch Haslock. Photo courtesy of Axis Freeride

Lauer was chosen from a group of 125 athletes to receive this award. Axis Freeride’s coaches nominate and then vote on the athletes to determine the winner.

Bjorn Thorsen was a Park City High School student who passed away in his sleep in 2007. He was a budding freeskiing athlete and a member of Axis Freeride. The award is presented each year to the athlete that most exemplifies the following four attributes that Bjorn embodied: enthusiasm, love of the sport, hunger to grow and improve and a caring attitude toward others.

Joe graciously accepted the award from head coach Chris "Hatch" Haslock.