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P.C. Karate wins big at nationals

Submitted by Kathy EckelRecently, the Park City Karate competition team took part at the 2014 USA Karate Nationals. Team members, as well as coaches and family members, traveled to Reno, Nevada, to compete in this premiere competition.

The Park City Karate competition team poses for a picture at the 2014 USA Karate Nationals in Reno, Nevada. (Photo courtesy of Park City Karate)

The team brought home a total of 18 medals after it competed against thousands of competitors. Team members competed in kata (forms), kumite (sparring) and team events.

The medal winners were:

Team Kumite:

Ari Clevenger, Tiana Clevenger and Kia Comstock silver (Park City Karate Team)

Kenyon Comstock bronze (USA Team)

Cara McDonald silver (USA Team)

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Team Kata:

Ari Clevenger, Rose McLaughlin and Tiana Clevenger silver (Park City Karate Team)


Ari Clevenger silver

Tiana Clevenger gold

Liam Neu bronze

Rose McDonald gold


Ari Clevenger bronze

Liam Neu bronze

Rose McLaughlin gold

Cara McDonald bronze (Elite Team Trials Division)

Kia Comstock silver

Kenyon Comstock bronze

All team members who competed at Nationals qualified for this event at regional tournaments, including the one held in Park City, which was hosted by Park City Karate. The tournament is sponsored by USA National Karate-do Federation (USA-NKF), which is the national governing body for the sport of karate. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has sanctioned USA-NKF as a member of its organization.

The team has been training since September and has competed in several tournaments around the country, including the U.S. Open in Las Vegas.

Park City Karate is the only school in Park City that is sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The school teaches a traditional style of Japanese karate. Park City Karate offers classes for all ages, as well as the focused competition training program. For more information about the competition team or karate classes, please call Park City Karate at 435-655-5755 or visit http://www.parkcitykarate.com .

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