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I think it s amazing I get to work with my best friend, said Kristen Moss (right), standing with friend and co-worker, Blair Isleib, among the hand-picked garments available at Flight Boutique s new location on Main Street. Christopher Reeves/Park Record.
Blair Isleib walked around the store, dressed in a large, hunter green sweater over a neatly pressed black dress and tights, her brown boots click-clacking against the floor. Her best friend and co-worker, Kristen Moss, stood counting money at the register in her studded, black boots and loose-fit, hunter green pants with a flowy, black top. Flight Boutique has re-opened in a new location on Main Street, and they could not be happier.

"Our lease ended, so we were forced to a new spot," Isleib said. "It's great, though, because it's newer and there is a lot more we can do with all the space."

Flight opened four years ago, a team effort between Isleib and Moss, childhood friends and roommates at the University of Utah, where they both graduated as Business and Public Relations majors. While they both have backgrounds in fashion, Moss has more experience in the area of public relations while Hayes has more experience in styling.

Isleib lived in New York and worked as an assistant stylist for the fashion designer Lori Goldstein. Together they styled for fashion shows, such as those hosted by Vera Wang, for editorial layouts in publications like W Magazine and Vogue Magazine and for advertising campaigns.

"My mom was a stylish one, and I would try to borrow her clothes," Isleib said. "So fashion has just always been in my veins, and I've just always loved clothes and dressing up."

Moss moved to Los Angeles upon graduation and worked for a fashion-focused public relations firm.


After a couple of years, she and her best friend wanted to come home and have something of their own, she said.

They hosted a grand re-opening party on Friday with food and beverages from Riverhorse on Main, a photo booth where customers took pictures together, and a tiered sale.

The best-friend duo hand picks the garments for the store. According to Isleib, there is no rhyme or reason to it. They simply pick articles of clothing that "stand out" to them.

They have brought in distinctive brands such as Mink Pink, Finders Keepers, Cameo, Blessed are the Meek and Functional. There are close to 100 different clothing lines available in the boutique, Isleib said.

"Usually we'll pick something we could see ourselves wearing or something a customer would wear in Park City, New York or even Europe, because we have so many international tourists," Moss said.

Each garment hangs among color-coordinated collections on the racks throughout the store, from a fitted, tan cocktail dress accented by hot pink lace to a warm, light turquoise winter sweater that simply reads, "SPORT."

Flight not only offers an array of clothing, but accessories - shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, and jewelry - as well. Everything in the store is picked by Isleib and Moss, as well as the décor for the store.

The dressing room walls, equipped with full-length, white-framed mirrors, are covered by white flowers Isleib and Moss put in themselves.

A group of women walked into the store, shaking the snow off their jackets as they browsed the well-dressed mannequins and recently straightened racks. Isleib walked straight over and led them to the fitting rooms where they began trying on clothes and emerging for second opinions.

"We want our store to be warm and inviting and for customers to come in and feel like they have a friend here," Moss said. "They can rely on our honest opinion, and we can help them find something unique and special."

Flight Boutique

  • 562 Main St.
  • 435-604-0806
  • Fall Hours:
  • Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: Noon to 6 p.m.