If Summit County Councilmember Chris Robinson wins his bid for the Utah House of Representatives District 54, he may leave behind a vacancy. Robinson was elected in 2010 to a four-year term. .

"I think by law I'm allowed to retain it, but I don't think that that will be prudent," Robinson said. "If I'm elected, then, I think, that at some point after the election I would like to resign from the council. Whether that will be at the first of the year, or soon after, I haven't gotten that far."

Robinson said the workload for both positions is such that he wouldn't like to be doing both for an extended period of time.

Summit County Clerk Kent Jones confirmed that Robinson could legally maintain both his House and Council seats, but added that it could create a conflict of interest.

"It would be his choice to resign the council," Jones said. "I think he would have conflicts if he remains. For example, there may be issues in the legislature that directly relate to the county. He would be looking at it from too many angles."

Because Robinson will have less than two years left on the County Council if he wins the House seat, the county's Democratic party will be responsible for appointing a replacement to the seat.

"The Democratic Party has certain bylaws, and the bylaws say that we either have an election held by the central committee or by the county delegates," Summit County Democratic Chair Glenn Wright said. "The central committee is kind of an obscure body that involves the precinct officers.


But we have very few of those. Most precincts don't have precinct officers. So it would be a very small body to have that election. I personally think the largest number of people possible should be making this decision."

A name would more likely be chosen by the 100 or so Summit County Democratic delegates, Wright said. Once the party receives notice that there is a vacancy, they have 30 days to submit a nominee to the County Council.

"The County Council isn't required to accept the nomination, but in a way they are," Wright said. "The state Legislature has made it so the County Council almost can't turn down that person. If the County Council turns down that person, the same name is sent to the governor who appoints the interim person."

State law used to require the party to provide three names and the council was able to choose among them. But in 2011, the Legislature changed the law so that only one name can be provided.

If Robinson resigns from the council, the newly appointed council member will hold the position for Robinson's remaining term of nearly two years.