The Echo Sewer Special Service District is increasing the sewer fees from $5 to $45 a month per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) to pay for a $250,000 bond that will be used for sewer system improvements.

"It should be enough money to repay the loan and do the maintenance and up-keeping on the system," said Bob Swensen, Summit County Health Department Environmental Health Director, during an Oct. 3 Summit County Council public hearing.

Frank Cattelan, who owns a gas station and the Echo cafe, questioned whether or not he would have to pay the fee on his businesses, which are currently closed due to his retirement, though they are still connected to the sewer system.

"I have two or three businesses but I have closed them up. I just can't do it anymore," Cattelan said.

He also asked how the ERU would apply to his businesses.

"I'm not sure how it affects people who are connected but not using it. It's not concrete as to who has to pay and who doesn't have to pay if they are just hooked on without using it," Council Chair Dave Ure said.

Ure said that there is no set policy right now, so they will have to have a discussion within the next couple weeks to set a policy.

"So I don't know if we have an answer for you tonight, but the ERUs are how it's calculated. If a restaurant is five times bigger than a regular home, then you will be paying $225 a month," Ure said.

Ure asked Swensen to come back in 30 days with a policy to help resolve the questions.


"Lets get this out in the open so we know right now. Get something in writing in the next 30 days so they know what they're looking at," Ure said.

Councilmember Chris Robinson clarified that they would vote on the sewer rate that night, but they would set a policy within the next few weeks.

"So if you have anything other than a plain vanilla home, you may have to wait," Robinson said.

The council voted unanimously for the new sewer rates, which will go into effect for all users on Nov. 1.