In last week's Sheriff Report, a deputy observed two individuals stealing video games Tuesday, Oct. 16 from a Kimball Junction store. After making contact, the suspects fled on foot, out of the store. The deputy apprehended one of the suspects between the store and a neighboring restaurant. The other suspect fled the area in his vehicle.

The deputy received information on the second suspect's location and Unified Police Department (UPD) located him in his vehicle. The suspect fled in his vehicle from UPD and crashed. UPD took the suspect into custody and booked him and the first suspect into the Summit County Jail.

In other news, a vehicle was pulled over on Interstate 80 for speeding on Sunday, Oct. 21. The driver was asked out of the car for a canine sniff. Before the canine was deployed, the driver admitted to having marijuana in the car. A vehicle searched revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The driver was arrested for possession charges and the passenger was arrested on a warrant.

A female was observed on S.R. 32 checking the garage door around the side of a house. After finding the door locked, she left the residence. The female was identified, and upon questioning, she said she was retrieving a wreath that had blown from the house and was putting it back on the front porch. Fingerprints were lifted from the garage door and will be sent for identification. A check of the residence showed that there was no forced entry or missing items.

A male was arrested from the Basin for a no-bail warrant.


He was cooperative and taken into custody at the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

A female was allegedly prevented from leaving her boyfriend's house in the Basin. When he was gone, she packed up all her belongings and left. When the boyfriend returned and found her gone, he allegedly called her 47 times in a three-hour period and texted her another 34 times. When deputies contacted him, he admitted to calling her "several" times and was arrested for violating the domestic violence statute of electronic communication harassment.

A male left a bag at a Kimball Junction hotel but did not come back to check-in and retrieve the bag. The front desk employee could not find a reservation for him and called deputies. The male was later located and asked to pick the bag up at the Sheriff's Office. As of Monday, he still had not retrieved the bag and was not answering his phone.

A sports utility vehicle with temporary plates was reported as driving very slowly in a suspicious manner past the complainant's house in Eastern Summit County on Sunday night. The address was added to the Summit County Sheriff Property Watch list and is being referred to investigations for follow-up.

On Saturday, Oct. 20, deputies responded to a "shots fired" incident in West Summit County and stopped a man for questioning. Deputies searched the man and found a pipe and rolling papers. A records check revealed he had a warrant for a retail theft out of Murray. He was arrested and booked into jail for possession of drug paraphernalia and the warrant.

A woman had been watching her kids at a hotel in the Basin when she allegedly fell and broke her nose, cutting it open. She was extremely intoxicated and refused medical care. No one was willing to take care of her, and deputies determined she was not able to take care of herself, so she was subsequently arrested.

On Friday, Oct. 19 a deputy observed the South Beach gate at East Canyon open with chain possibly cut. The outbuilding door was also open. The deputy checked the location and contacted the manager, but it is unknown if anything was taken.

A traffic stop on I-80 revealed the driver had an DUI warrant for his arrest, as well as a revoked driver license. The driver was arrested and booked into jail.

On Thursday, Oct. 18, an individual was arrested for soliciting without a business license in East Summit County. The other solicitors were contacted and referred to the courthouse to obtain permits.

A driver fell asleep at the wheel and went off the road on a turn on Weber Canyon Road. The vehicle rolled several times. The driver sustained minor injuries and was transported by ambulance to Park City Medical Center as a precaution.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, three suspects entered a Kimball Junction store and purchased two iPads with a stolen credit card. The iPads were listed in the National Crime Information Center. The case is under investigation.

Deputies were dispatched to a suicide attempt in the Basin. She was transported to the University of Utah Medical Center.

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, a Kimball Junction hotel called the Sheriff's Office about a suspicious male who was sleeping in the hotel's stairway. the time deputies arrived, the suspect had left but his description matched a male deputies had dealt with on Monday. Deputies found the suspect in a nearby store and took him into custody for a $1,000 warrant issued Monday out of Salt Lake City Juvenile Court.

Deputies received a call from the Basin about jewelry valued at $14,000 that had not been seen since July 22. The victim believes the jewelry was left in a place accessible to visitors.

An unknown suspect spray-painted graffiti on a Kimball Junction roadway, sidewalk and stop sign.

A traffic stop on S.R. 224 revealed the driver was operating the vehicle without insurance, had never obtained a driver's license, was displaying improper license plates and was driving without registration. The driver was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

On Monday, Oct. 15, a woman returned to her home in the Kimball Junction area to find her table and chairs from her porch had been taken. There were no suspects, as of Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence case in West Summit County on Monday night. The complainant said her ex-boyfriend assaulted her. Deputies interviewed several witnesses at the resident and determined there was insufficient probable cause to make an arrest for assault. The ex-boyfriend and the complainant were arrested for unlawful consumption of alcohol and intoxication.

An unknown suspect spray-painted on a driveway in the Kimball Junction area sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

After several months of observing a black Mercedes abandoned in a parking lot off of S.R. 224, the vehicle was towed for being a possible stolen vehicle. Attempts were made to locate the registered owner but were unsuccessful.

A suspect kicked out a vehicle window in Kimball Junction in order to retrieve his own sweatshirt. He then left the area and hid near a restaurant. Deputies located and arrested him for criminal mischief and intoxication.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence call in East Summit County. When deputies arrived it was determined no crime had occurred nor had violence taken place. The couple had had an argument and the husband was being loud and causing a disturbance. Since the house they were staying out was not theirs, the homeowner requested the husband leave.

On Sunday, Oct. 14, deputies pulled a vehicle over on S.R. 224 for a revoked registration. The driver also had no insurance, was driving on a suspended driver's license and had an open container of alcohol. The driver was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

A deputy pulled a car over for speeding in the Kimball Junction area on Sunday night and smelled marijuana coming from inside the car. The deputy searched the car and found the illegal substance. When the driver was arrested for felony drug charges, officers found that he was in possession of paraphernalia.

On Saturday, Oct. 13, a hunter got lost in the High Uintas hunting elk. He found a spot on top of a mountain where he could use his cell phone.

After being taken to Park City Medical Center by friends on Saturday night, a male reported an unknown male at a party in the Basin allegedly stabbed him. The victim had suffered a small puncture wound to his arm, was moderately intoxicated and had difficulty providing detailed information. Deputies interviewed a witness to the assault and identified the suspect. Deputies decided to wait until daytime to make contact with the suspect.

A male reported another male was walking along S.R. 32 near the complainant's home looking for a cell phone charger. Deputies contacted the suspect, who said he was headed to a friend's cabin and his phone battery had died. A records check revealed he had an active warrant and he was taken into custody and transported to jail.

A driver was arrested after a traffic stop on I-80 for driving on a denied license and operating a vehicle without the required ignition interlock. He was transported to jail.

Another driver was stopped on I-80 and was cited and released for driving on a denied license and operating a vehicle without the required ignition interlock.