Development plans along U.S-40 are a point of contention between members of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, who want to keep the space open, and the South Summit School District, which would like to see it developed.

The school district, local mayors, city councils and the Summit County Council met on Monday, Oct. 29 in Oakley in the second South Summit Regional Meeting.

"The South Summit School District wants development there because they have the task of building a school building over there," Summit County Council Chairman Dave Ure said. "Without a tax base, they don't have the ability to build that school, so they want development to come in there."

On the other hand, members of the Snyderville Planning Commission and the community don't want development there, Ure said. "I don't think they want it entirely open. They just don't want it haphazard. So there has to be planned development so both sides can be happy."

Ure said for that reason he is pushing for a master plan for the area.

The Summit County Council approved the development of 1,200 homes near I-80 and US-40 a year ago, raising concerns with the South Summit School District that if the homes were going to be low-income, they would not have enough revenue to support the school system, Summit County Manager Bob Jasper said.

Jasper explained that, in reality, none of the homes were low income. "So part of it is communication. They thought it was going to be lower income housing than it is.



Regardless of the dispute, development is a long way off, as the soil remains contaminated from Park City's mining days.

Talisker Corporation, Park City and the Environmental Protection Agency have been negotiating who is responsible for the contamination clean-up.

"It has yet to be resolved in terms of who and how that area will be cleaned up," Jasper said.