The North Summit Fire District will now be able to assist Summit County EMS in providing first aid and life support and could have the potential to respond to an emergency faster than an ambulance crew. That's because NSFD was recently issued an EMS Quick Response Unit license.

The Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services issued NSFD the license on Feb. 28 after what NSFD spokesman Tyler Rowser called a lengthy process of submitting paperwork with the state.

With the license, NSFD fire trucks will now be equipped with life support equipment such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs), airway support equipment and basic first aid and splinting materials, according to a NSFD release.

Rowser said the new life support equipment on trucks will be crucial, since the fire district serves two major freeways, Interstates 80 and 84, where severe traffic accidents can occur. NSFD also serves the largest portion of the county 413 square miles which is more than South Summit Fire District (296 square miles) and Park City Fire District (102 square miles) combined.

Personnel who are EMS Quick Response certified will now be able to assist Summit County EMS crews, further enhancing medical services provided during emergencies. Because of the district's unique geography, NSFD quick response units could respond to an emergency faster than an ambulance crew and begin live-saving efforts, according to the release.


"When an ambulance goes [out on a call], a fire truck will also go," Rowser said. "It just gives additional manpower. It's going to enhance the service [we provide] on the medical end."

A majority of NSFD firefighters are trained and state-certified as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) and a number of them are also emergency medical technicians (EMTs).