Between Tuesday, April 22, and Wednesday, April 30, the Summit County Sheriff's Office responded to numerous calls including the following:

On April 22, a driver was found to have a warrant for his arrest on State Road 224 on after being stopped for a license plate violation. The man's vehicle was impounded and a small amount of methamphetamine was found inside. He was booked into jail.

A man who was driving on Interstate 80 on April 22 stopped near a driver who had crashed. The crashed driver noticed an odor of alcohol on the man's breath and informed a nearby deputy. The man failed field sobriety tests and was also found to have a DUI-related warrant for $25,000. He was booked into jail.

Solicitors were reported near condominiums in the Snyderville Basin on April 23. They were described as two young males in their early 20s, although they were not located.

Deputies responded to a report of a family fight on April 23 in the Basin, although it was found no fight took place. Both parties involved were asked to request keep the peace orders in the future.

A woman stated that on April 23 she attempted to make a withdrawal from an ATM at a Park City bank, the machine dispensed $4,000, far more than the amount she had requested. The money was taken as evidence of found property.

Following a traffic stop on I-80 for having no insurance and cancelled registration on April 24, a male driver provided false personal information. He also had a suspended driver license and was booked into jail.


A man was stopped April 24 for traffic violations near Kimball Junction and showed signs of nervousness. A canine search yielded a glass pipe, a used needle and a lighter and the man was arrested.

Deputies responded to a hotel on April 24 where a report came in of a boy who had threatened his mother. The boy was committed to Park City Medical Center.

A drug investigation on April 25 in the Basin revealed that a male suspect had used his friend's name and a false Social Security number for identification. A deputy was able to identify the suspect based on online searches. He was arrested and booked into jail.

An unknown suspect stole property from a gym locker at the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse on April 25. Some of the belongings were located at a Salt Lake City business later that evening and Fieldhouse employees were going to collect video surveillance.

Deputies responded to a civil problem in the Basin on April 25 where a woman accused a man of taking clothing from their house.

A woman stated she was assaulted by a man in the Basin on April 26, but the man had left the scene by the time deputies arrived. A probable cause statement was obtained from the woman.

A South Summit woman admitted to breaking a man's cell phone on April 26 but stated she only did so after he had assaulted her. The incident had started in the Heber area and the case was turned over to the Heber City Police Department.

A man was stopped on April 26 for lane travel violations on S.R. 224 and was found to be under the influence of alcohol. After failing field sobriety tests he was arrested and booked into jail.

A female suspect was seen taking a $1,300 pair of sunglasses from a Basin business without paying on April 26. She had been confronted by an employee and became aggressive and left the store. The woman had been seen taking sunglasses a week prior.

A deputy stopped a driver on I-80 on April 27 for an equipment violation and during contact smelled an odor of marijuana on the man as well as illegal fireworks inside the vehicle. The man was later arrested after a probable cause search of the vehicle.

A missing woman who was reported on April 27 at a Basin hotel was found later that day to be in another guest's room.

A man who was building a log fence in South Summit on April 27 reported that a truck had drove up near his residence, where he had 32 pairs of paired log posts staged. He noticed the next morning that they had been missing and had noticed the truck drive south. He was unable to locate the log posts.

A report of a theft at a South Summit car wash was reported on April 27, but further investigation revealed that the back door had merely been pried open. Nothing was missing, but it was stated that this was the second break-in at the location.

A juvenile male was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia after being stopped on April 28 on I-80 for driving recklessly. He was referred to juvenile court and released to his father.

A woman who had attempted to commit suicide was committed to Park City Medical Center.

A deputy responded to a report of a prescription being picked up fraudulently in the Basin on April 29. The individual stated he was picking up the prescription for a neighbor, even though it was in his wife's name. The case was put under investigation.

Suspects were stopped for several moving violations on I-80 on April 29 and were acting nervous upon contact. A canine search of the vehicle yielded burnt foil, plastic pipes, a used syringe and a metal spoon with residue in a side door panel. Stolen jewelry was also found and its owner was contacted.

The Utah Olympic Park reported that an individual has stolen money from a donation box on April 30. The man later admitted to stealing money and was arrested for theft.

A hit and run was reported April 30 at Kimball Junction and a statement of the owner of one vehicle that was hit was obtained.