Between Thursday, May 8, and Sunday, May 11, the Summit County Sheriff's Office responded to numerous calls, including the following:

On May 11, deputies responded to a Snyderville Basin residence, where an individual reported she was concerned her 17-year-old son would find a gun. The gun was booked into evidence for safe keeping.

Four juveniles were reported to be trespassing on the roof of a Basin elementary school on May 10. All four were located by deputies and the incident was reported to school district security to assess possible damage.

On May 10, deputies responded to a hit-and-run in progress in the Basin. The suspect, a male, hit two parked vehicles on the shoulder and fled just prior to deputies' arrival. The suspect was later found near his apartment complex and showed signs of drug and alcohol consumption and passed out. Upon awakening, he later fought with deputies and medical personnel and was transported to the University of Utah Hospital for his injuries.

A cab driver and a customer got in an argument over cab fare on May 10, although the customer had fled upon deputies' arrival. The driver did not want any charges filed and the suspect was later located at his residence, where he paid the cab fare.

A male and female in the Basin got in a physical altercation on May 10, with the male sustaining cuts on his face. The female was booked on assault charges.

During an investigation of a past occurred auto accident, deputies discovered that one of the individuals involved had a warrant for arrest.


The individual was arrested and booked into jail.

On May 9, a taxi van was found abandoned in the Basin. It had been there since Monday and was towed away.

A vehicle which was stopped in the Basin on May 8 for traffic violations was found to have outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was arrested for the warrants, traffic offenses, possessing drug paraphernalia and not having auto insurance or registration.

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle on State Road 224 for a registration violation and the driver was found to have multiple warrants for his arrest. A friend took control of the vehicle while the man was arrested on the warrants.

Another traffic stop on Interstate 80 was conducted to confirm a vehicle's insurance status. The driver, a male, was found to have an active warrant and was arrested.