Between Wednesday, May 14, and Monday, May 19, the Summit County Sheriff's Office responded to numerous calls including the following:

A North Summit hotel reported on May 14 that a woman had been found deceased in a room. The woman's body was transported to the medical examiner's office.

Deputies were called to assist with keeping the peace during a child custody exchange in North Summit on May 14.

A deputy attempted to serve a protective order on a woman in the Snyderville Basin on May 14, although contact with her was unsuccessful. It was discovered the woman may be located at a drug rehabilitation center in Orem.

On May 15, a Coalville resident reported that an unknown suspect had spray-painted their goat blue. The individual had no suspects but believed it may be high school students.

Deputies were dispatched to a suicidal juvenile female in North Summit on May 15. She was transported to Park City Medical Center for treatment.

On May 15, an employee of a Kimball Junction business was caught creating false merchandise returns and collecting the cash himself. He was arrested and admitted to the allegations and was later booked into jail.

A man in the Basin was located near storage units on May 16 and a records check was run, which revealed he had two active warrants for his arrest for $50,000 each. He was taken into custody and booked into jail.

A fight in progress was reported in the Basin on May 16 from a passerby.


Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a female had run into a road. A male had chased her down and held her to prevent her from running back into the road. It was determined that the male was a caretaker who was trying to protect the woman.

While heavily intoxicated, a man in a North Summit bar stumbled behind the bar and accidentally grabbed a fryer on May 16, tipping it over and burning his hand. He was transported to the University of Utah Hospital's burn unit and no evidence of criminal activity was found.

A records check of a man exiting a vehicle in the parking lot of a Kimball Junction business revealed he had two active warrants for his arrest. He was taken into custody and booked into jail.

A woman called to report that she had been given information that a male suspect had been committing vehicle burglaries in the Park City area during the last couple weeks. The suspect supposedly drives a maroon 2001 Dodge Durango.

Contact was made with a vehicle that was parked on the side of State Road 224 on May 17. One of the passengers, a female, was intoxicated and attempted to jump out of the vehicle while it was moving. She was arrested for intoxication, as she was endangering herself.

A traffic stop was made on a vehicle for an equipment violation on May 17 in the Basin and a deputy smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, which was searched. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found and the driver was arrested.

An individual called to report a vehicle burglary on May 18 in South Summit. The incident had occurred some time during the night and there were no known suspects at the time of the report. Items stolen included CDs, a box of clothes, binoculars, a car jack and a Patagonia jacket. The suspect had broken into the back door of the SUV. The case was forwarded to investigations.

A woman near Kimball Junction who was intoxicated on May 18 was angry at several individuals and was disorderly. She refused to leave the individuals' residence and deputies later arrested her for disorderly conduct and intoxication.

A man was reported to be extremely intoxicated near a lake in the eastern Uinta Mountains and was causing problems at a residence on May 19. Deputies from Sweetwater County, Wyo., responded and requested a deputy from the Summit County Sheriff's Office. The man was later arrested and booked into jail with the assistance of Sweetwater and Daggett County deputies.

Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious call from a residence in South Summit on May 19. A male suspect was observed looking through the windows of a vacant house, although several belongings were inside the residence. Shoe prints were photographed and fingerprints were obtained from the house and deputies attempted to find the man, who was in violation of his probation.