I write to support the election of Chris Robinson to House District 54.

In his years of public service to Summit County, Chris has proven himself to be a skilled negotiator and bridge builder. In being the prime mover in bringing to end litigation involving the county's disparate water districts, Chris proved his ability to bring warring sides together to further the common good.

Chris's deep knowledge of land and water law and ability to build bridges with competing interests will be invaluable in bridging cultural and philosophical divides in the legislature. doing so he will be an effective advocate for the best interests of the district in improving our state's education and protecting Summit County from the annual ravages of the legislature.

Kraig Powell, on the other hand has been a particularly ineffective legislator. While Kraig is indeed a moderate, this has not endeared him to the legislative leadership. In particular, during the adoption of HB477, the infamous law restricting public access to public records, Kraig voted with the majority, and then complained publicly that the Speaker twisted his arm. This displayed a lack of conviction in first voting for the bill and poor political instincts in then publicly criticizing the leadership. The result is that Kraig has negligible influence in the legislature. The upside is that a result of redistricting, House District 54, previously heavily Republican, is now a swing district.


Chris Robinson will be an effective advocate for Park City, Summit County and the entire house district. I strongly urge his election to Utah House District 54.

Glenn Wright

Park City

Pie and beer day was a hit at Recycle Utah


Recycle Utah would like to extend a wholehearted thank you to everyone who came out and supported local vendors, music, and food at the 3rd annual Harvest Fest. It wouldn't have been a party without beer from Wasatch Brew Pub we didn't have enough this year! Thanks to the ladies of Park City Rotary for their photogenic apple pies. And a very special thanks to the five local music groups that kept us so well entertained.

Katie Plumb

On behalf of the Recycle Utah team

Chris Robinson brings people together


There are certain qualities one looks for in a public servant: wisdom bred of experience; transparency; integrity. Too few people willing to serve the public's interest possess even a single one of these attributes, let alone all of them. Chris Robinson, Democratic candidate for Utah House District 54, is such a candidate.

I have been honored to know Chris for many years. And, of all the many qualities that commend Chris to this position, I'd like to single out one: Chris is inclusive. He is interested in bringing together Democrats, Republicans, independents and people of all faiths. Chris listens attentively and tries to fashion solutions that truly reflect the community's best interest. Park City needs Chris; perhaps more importantly, Utah needs Chris. With one foot planted firmly in the great history of this state and one foot taking a step toward this state's great future, Chris is uniquely suited to lead.

I am proud to offer Chris Robinson my unqualified endorsement for Utah House District 54.

Josh Aaronson

Park City

Roger Armstrong truly understands the issues


The only regret I have about moving to Park City is that I didn't do it sooner. As a citizen who loves our wonderful Park City lifestyle, I want to voice my strong support for Roger Armstrong, candidate for Summit County Council Seat A.

Roger truly understands the issues that we face and will be the passionate advocate required to maintain the lifestyle we all love. We need a person representing us with strong character and the right values. Roger has the leadership experience and ability to deal with issues of population growth and the strain on our infrastructure. He is truly a gentleman who is soft spoken yet assertive, which a true gift.

I have had the opportunity to get to know Roger on a social basis over the past several years and truly feel that he embodies all of these characteristics and is the right man for this job. His professional legal experience as a negotiator and a deal-maker give Roger the background to keep Park City and Summit County moving in the right direction.

I urge everyone to get out and vote.

Arnie Rubin

Park City

A modern building in an old ski town? Try Aspen


In the Oct. 3-5 Park Record, Mike Baker took issue with the communities I cited in my recent guest editorial regarding the Kimball Art Center project. He asked that I provide an example of an iconic contemporary building in a historic mountain ski town. I will do that, but first, a couple of comments.

The examples that I provided show that iconic contemporary structures can successfully be placed in communities with substantial historic architecture. Those cited were only a few of the many that came to mind. The richness that comes from the contrast between the good old and the good new, in my opinion, cannot be overstated. It improves the inherent value of each, and the character of the community in which they reside.

Next, perhaps the reason that many of the mountain ski towns Mr. Baker cites as not having an iconic contemporary quasi-public building is simply because they have not had the opportunity. Of those towns he mentions, the only one that I have not visited is Sun Valley. I don't believe some of them Mammoth Lakes, and Vail for example, have a cultural anchor like the Kimball. It takes a forward-looking organization with a need, like the Kimball, for the opportunity to be present. Without that, there is not an appropriate or compelling reason to reach out for the new.

And now to an example of a Western ski town with a strong historic sense of place. The Aspen Art Museum recently acquired land in the heart of Aspen, Colo., for a new museum. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban was selected and has designed a very contemporary facility. You can Google Aspen Art Museum to view images of the project. Those familiar with Aspen will note that the design for this museum contrasts with the historic buildings in Aspen.

The Kimball Art Center is presenting Park City with a unique opportunity. It would be a shame to bypass it when this addition can add so significantly to the substance of this wonderful community.

Gordon Mills, FAIA

Park City

Capable decision-maker and consensus builder


I am writing this letter of endorsement for Claudia McMullin for County Council. I have known Claudia for over 10 years and have worked with her in a number of different venues and believe her to be a very intelligent and capable decision-maker and consensus builder. Most recently Claudia and I have worked together on the Sundance Utah board and she has proven herself time and again to be a creative and effective member and committee chair.

Claudia's law background, along with her ability to communicate with all walks of people in a genuinely warm and caring manner, sets her apart as the prime candidate for County Council in this upcoming election.

Rory Murphy

Park City

Vote for Claudia, Kim if you value open space


After listening to the KPCW candidates, I encourage your vote for Claudia McMullin and Kim Carson for County Council. Both candidates support open space and trails while their opponents, Sue Pollard and Jacqueline Smith, both seem to view open-space acquisitions with disdain. Sue Pollard referred to the recent 296-acre Gilmor open-space acquisition as a "potential fire hazard." Jacqueline Smith said if the people want to tax themselves for open space that was OK but she would prefer to see the private sector purchasing the open space.

As a long-standing BOSAC (Basin Open Space Advisory Committee) member, I have had the unique vantage point of seeing how thousands of acres of land in the Snyderville Basin have been preserved in perpetuity for the current and future residents. With bond funds voted on by over 72 percent of voters, creative alliances with Park City, the Summit Land Conservancy and Utah Open Lands, large tracts of land will continue to provide wildlife corridors, scenic vistas and world-class recreational opportunities for our residents and guests. These factors create long-term, sustainable economic values for all of Summit County.

If you value open space and trails, please cast your vote for Claudia and Kim.

Kathy Mears

Park City

Memo to Mitt Romney on outlasting Obama


Here is my suggestion letter to the Romney campaign. Maybe you can post this in The Park Record as Election Day is near.

To: Governor Romney

CC: Campaign staff

Here are some suggestions and ideas for outlasting, outrunning President Obama, improving polls and ensuring victory on E-Day.

1. To improve infrastructure, transportation and utility needs while bringing forth millions of jobs (lowering the unemployment rate and getting us out of recession for a revived economy), consider advocating for public works projects such as a national high-speed railroad/train system, investing in fusion, solar, and hydrogen plants. This should work well for your campaign message and polls.

2. For education, consider providing more vouchers for children who are unable to attend parochial or prep schools because of one's socioeconomic disadvantages

3. Re crimes and justice: the Model Penal Code should be universally adopted in this country

4. Reaffirm your full allegiance and strong friendship and support for Israel (should rally the Jewish vote and Israeli lobbyist groups like AIPAC)

5. Basic campaign strategy: trends have shown that for the most part, the candidate with the most campaign funds (raised/spent) ends up winning more electoral votes on election night, so your fundraising and spending on campaign should be renewed and exponentially increased as we get closer to Election Day. And make sure you keep up your stellar performance on the remaining two debates and not let Obama defeat you on these.

I admire your ideals, candidacy and wish you the best of luck on winning the election. Congratulations on your good work, progress and legacy so far.

Zach Haskins

Cooper City, Fla.

Thirteen years helping breast-cancer survivors


Image Reborn Foundation's 13th Annual Celebration of Life Gala The Legend of the Lotus on Saturday, October 6th at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley featured an evening of culinary delights and dancing to the Joe Muscolino Orchestra, with silent and live auctions, and lots of fun! The event was a major success at every level, including more guests, more fun, and more donations. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Park City community, our board, volunteers, guests, sponsors, donors, participating local businesses, and to all of the strong and powerful women we serve.

During this special evening, Image Reborn Foundation celebrated thirteen years of helping over 2,500 women with breast cancer to reclaim their lives. Since 1999, our program has been offering 3-day, no-cost healing retreats to breast cancer survivors in our beautiful mountains of Park City. Retreat attendees are restored with yoga, massage, facials, journaling, medical direction and more. These retreats are facilitated by breast cancer survivors and create lifelong bonds and help rebuild self-esteem and identity beyond cancer. The success of this event will enable us to hold more retreats, to serve more women, and to enhance the retreat experience for survivors.

We are fortunate to have such a generous and caring community. Thank you so very much!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As you plan your end of the year donations, please open your hearts and consider making a donation right now to the Image Reborn Foundation, a 501(c)3.

For more information on our program, please visit www.imagerebornfoundation.org .

Many thanks again,

Dr. Renato Saltz


Julie Bernhard

Executive director

Image Reborn Foundation

Article should have praised the whole team


I would like to thank all the girls, junior varsity and varsity, who played on the Park City High School tennis team this season and demonstrated a strong commitment to their team. Tennis is team sport and no one singles player or doubles team can win or lose a tournament. Despite some injuries, everyone contributed to the success of the "team." It is unfortunate that the article in The Park Record (Wednesday, October 10, 2012, "Miner Duo Leads The Way") did not spread enough praise throughout the "entire" team.

Trent Davis

Park City

A grasp of the issues affecting Summit County

I met Roger Armstrong after he won the primary election for Summit County Council Seat A. I have been impressed with his grasp of issues that affect Summit County, from the traffic buildup on 224 to the property-development rights of family farms in Kamas.

When I watch Roger speak with groups of people, or to an individual, what I find remarkable is that he listens to the concerns of every person, and respects the position of every person when responding to questions. I believe he is the right person to serve on the council now to help Summit County prepare for the future. Please vote for him.

Dallis Nordstrom

Park City

If Joel ever runs for office, he'll get my vote


There have been a lot of letters to the editor lately about what a great friend someone has in John or Jane Doe. I really like the trend. Some friends are so great they can only be praised in public.

Take my friend Joel Winters, for instance. You may not know Joel because he's a self-effacing guy who tries to avoid the limelight. In fact, he'll probably be a little embarrassed when he reads this.

Still, you should try to be Joel's friend. It's hard to describe why in a letter to the editor, but I'll try. Joel shows up at your party with four flavors of Jell-O shots. He fixes your toilet without you even asking. Two years ago Joel found his ski boots crammed with acorns. He stacked the acorns in the corner of his storage space. Raise one hand if you would allow squirrels to winter in your storage space. Raise the other if you would stack their acorns for them.

Joel always seems to do the right thing. He isn't running for office as far as I know, but it would be just like Joel to run for office and not tell anybody. The larger point is he would always do the right thing if he ever were elected to public office. That's why I'll probably vote for Joel if he ever does run but even if he never does, you should still try to be his friend.

Mike Otto

Park City

A thoughtful leader and a strategic thinker


I write this letter to support Roger Armstrong's candidacy for Summit County Council Seat "A." He is a small-business owner and a nationally regarded transactional attorney. Roger is one of the most capable negotiators I have ever faced. He is a thoughtful leader and a strategic thinker. His judgment is impeccable. His addition to the County Council will assist that body as it engages in the type of long-term, high-level planning that will best serve the entire County. I enthusiastically support his candidacy and urge you to join me in voting for him. Early voting begins on October 23.

M. Alex Natt

Park City

Claudia understands the art of government


I am writing to highlight some of the many reasons why we need to retain Claudia McMullin as a County Council person.

Claudia was a member of the council that was tasked with making the transition from the old commission form of government (in which each county department was an entity unto itself) to the modern council-manager form of government in which all departments report to the county manager. This new form of government is more responsive, centrally accountable, and more efficient. Like all major management shakeups it has been difficult but, in our case, handled very competently by Claudia and the rest of the council.

As an incumbent, Claudia understands the art of successful government and has the legal background to see that the business of the county is concluded successfully and without the unending lawsuits that have been brought on by past practices. Claudia's efforts have been essential in closing out these suits and moving us forward into a more proactive and responsive form of government. In addition Claudia has worked out resolutions with other development conflicts that resulted in the preservation of significant hillside view sheds on the doorway to the Snyderville Basin and the resorts beyond, thereby preserving our mountain environment for ourselves and our guests.

Please re-elect Claudia so that she can continue to move us forward, rather than fighting the battles of the past.

Doug Clyde


'Neighborhood values' choice for County Council


As we saw at this week's meet-the-candidates get-together at Newpark, there are a lot of decent people running for County Council. The candidate with the most experience and a proven track record is Max Greenhalgh. As a longtime member of the Planning Commission and as a longtime member and current chair of BOSAC, our influential open-space advisory committee, Max has worked hard for us and our neighborhoods to protect and uphold our values regarding intelligent growth and to preserve the environment and open space of which we all are proud.

Most recently Max has been in the press for leading the process of finding, procuring and securing large parcels of open space for purchase by the county using our approved bond moneys. These parcels will provide protection of our coveted view shed, fertile ground for new recreation trails and a protected place for our wild animals and our environment to survive. Well done, Max!

Again recently, Max was involved with the successful efforts to have the unnecessary and damaging CORE rezone chapter of the development code repealed. This was after unsuccessful attempts to use this exemption to inappropriately develop in our neighborhoods. He was front and center in the meetings providing public input mostly against the unsuccessful application to develop Stone Ridge and the application to develop the Discovery subdivision. In both cases he was arguing to uphold the well-written neighborhood plans that he had developed a decade ago and should be a foundation of the community's interest in preserving a mountain way of life while allowing the consideration of smart growth.

Max Greenhalgh has a lifetime of community service in local planning and planning management as planning director, Planning Commission member, and BOSAC open-space committee chair proving he has worked to further the neighborhood values of preserving open space, wildlife habitat and the environment while still managing growth intelligently.

A vote for Max is a vote for our neighborhood values and our environment.

Vote for Max and make a difference.

Art Lang

Snyderville Basin resident

Sue Pollard will listen to her constituents


I'm a Democrat and I support Sue Pollard for County Council. Having served on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission with the incumbent, I know that Ms. Pollard is the county's only hope.

Recently, Ms. Pollard was misrepresented. I know that Sue loves and supports open space. Like me, she did not support the current council stealing funds from BOSAC to settle several lawsuits under the guise that they were "preserving" open space. She wanted the money to be available to buy more open space.

Like me, Ms. Pollard recognizes the significance of local nonprofits. By accepting employment as the well-paid director of FOA, McMullin created conflicts with local nonprofits. McMullin even compromised the tax-exempt status of all local nonprofits by challenging the U.S. Ski Team's status.

Please remember that under McMullin, the county lost both entry corridors. Thanks to McMullin, there is "affordable" housing at Discovery (without meeting her own CORE requirements). She refused to enforce a true Specially Planned Area around Smith's and approved a non-walkable redevelopment.

McMullin, an attorney, claims to be a fighter. Instead, she rolled over to developers, sacrificed legitimate open space and sold out her constituents.

Sue will listen to her constituents. She spoke out against McMullin's tax increase. The public followed her lead, fought back, and created a referendum.

I'm embarrassed to say that I voted for McMullin.

Ms. McMullin noted, on the public record, that she couldn't understand anyone "serving" on the council for such a minimal salary. Why run again? At this point, it's fair to say that Ms. McMullin is "in it for the money."

Sue Pollard is an advocate for open space, a friend to nonprofit organizations, well versed in the county processes, and fiscally responsible. I'm proud to align myself with Sue!

Julie Hooker

Park City